Crimes that Can Become Severe if You Have Pending Immigration

One thing constant about the law is the intersection of different regulations and amendments. For instance, the laws in civil law and criminal law can intersect and so can the laws in criminal law and immigration law. Every year, thousands of immigrants decide to settle in the States because it offers a plethora of opportunities. However, some people decide to overstay their visas or commit immigration violations intentionally or unintentionally.

Undoubtedly immigration violations on their own are punishable offenses, but pending immigration cases can exacerbate the severity of certain crimes and lead to escalated legal ramifications and complex legal battles. Want to understand the compounding effect and comprehend how an immigration bond company can help? Here’s some information.

A Brief Overview of the Compounding Effect

When an individual has pending immigration violations, involvement in certain criminal activities can markedly escalate the legal implications. The combination can aggravate the severity of charges and alter legal outcomes, leading to profound implications for the individual’s immigration status and legal proceedings.

Types of Crimes Amplified by Pending Immigration Violations:

  • Fraudulent Activities: Instances of fraud, such as identity theft, financial fraud, or document forgery, can intensify in legal gravity when an individual already has pending immigration violations. The addition of these charges to an immigration case can result in a significantly more complex legal situation.
  • Drug Offenses: Drug-related offenses, even minor possession charges, can trigger severe consequences when combined with pending immigration violations. This compound situation often leads to heightened penalties and possible deportation, which you can get out of if you go for drug possession bail bonds.
  • Violent Crimes: Charges related to assault, domestic violence, or other violent acts take on a more severe tone when coupled with pending immigration violations. These situations can drastically affect an individual’s legal standing and immigration status.
  • Human Trafficking or Smuggling: Involvement in human trafficking or smuggling activities amplifies the gravity of the offense when immigration violations are also pending. Legal repercussions are often more stringent, with deportation becoming a real possibility.

Navigating the Charges with Bail Bonds

Different types of immigration violations can land someone in ICE detention centers. From overstaying visas to unauthorized employment in the States without proper paperwork, or entry without inspection, immigration violations can be challenging. However, when your immigration violations are coupled with criminal convictions, the consequences can be more complicated than you can ever imagine. In such circumstances, to prepare a flawless case, get ready for your trial with proper evidence, and unite with your family before the possible risk of deportation or incarceration, bail bonds can be a great idea.

The Bottom Line

Getting detained by the ICE can be overwhelming for you as well as your family. Besides, immigration laws are more complex than you might ever think and if you are seeking US immigration bonds, go for professionals who are familiar with the bail bond landscape. Need more information, or want to consult licensed bail bond agents for immigration bonds or bail bonds concerning other cases? Contact the team at Amistad Bail and Immigration Bonds today!