Guide to Working with an Immigration Bond Company

Every year, thousands of people are arrested and detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials. This federal agency arrests non-US citizens suspected of violating immigration rules or engaging in cross-border crimes. If you ever find out that your loved one is one of the detainees in ICE custody, you must act fast to secure their release. US immigration bonds are available for eligible detainees to facilitate their discharge from the ICE detention facility. While the friends and family members of a detainee may be able to post an immigration bond, the process is often too complex and unaffordable for many. An immigration bond company can help you post the bond and expedite the release. But how should you work with them to ensure the best results? Let’s break it down in this guide.

Role of an Immigration Bond Company: What to Expect?

The process of tracking down an ICE detainee and paying for their immigration is complex and cumbersome. Many families struggle to navigate this difficult scenario, delaying their loved one’s release from the detention facility. An immigration bail bond company can step in and help out in this dire situation. Here’s what they can do:

  • Track the Alien: Many families lose a lot of time trying to find out where their loved one is. An experienced immigration bondsman can support you in this process. They can help you use the Online Detainee Locator System and find the alien’s location. They require details such as the person’s name, alien number, native country, and birthdate.
  • Post the Immigration Bond: A licensed immigration bond provider can electronically post the bond on your behalf. With their help, you can fast-track the process without visiting an ICE-ERO Bond Acceptance Facility.
  • Provide Procedural Support: Immigration bail bond companies understand the procedural complexities and paperwork requirements during this process. They can guide you in the right direction and simplify the documentation.

How to Leverage Your Immigration Bond Agent’s Guidance and Support?

Knowing what to expect and what to ask can help you make the most of the agent’s services and support. The following tips can help you:

1. Communicate Clearly and Provide Any Information You Have

When you contact an immigration bond company, you should share all the information you have about the case. Share the detainee’s alien number if there is one, and provide them with the name, birthdate, and country of birth as soon as you call. Doing so will help them track the detainee faster.

2. Discuss the Payment Options

Discussing the payment options at the outset can help you avoid confusion and disputes. Typically, immigration bond companies charge a small premium for their service and accept cash or property collateral to post the bond. You should discuss your financial situation with the immigration bond agent so they can help you with a flexible plan.

3. Ask Clarifying Questions

You can ask the following questions to understand the process better:

  • Do you need a co-signer for the immigration bond? What are the responsibilities of co-signing a bond?
  • How long do you expect the release process to take?
  • What happens after the detainee is released?
  • What happens if the person misses an Immigration Court hearing?
  • Do we need to pay maintenance charges for the bond as the trial goes on?

In addition to these questions, you can clarify any other doubts or concerns you may have.

Open communication with the immigration bond company can help you make the most of their support. To know more, you can talk to our immigration bond experts at Amistad today!