What are the Rights of an Inmate? Ask a Bail Bond Agent

Yes, getting arrested is tough.

Being labeled as a criminal before you are proven guilty is emotionally shattering.

And getting imprisoned for a crime and putting your entire life on hold is overwhelming.

However, did you ever think about the friends and family of the accused person at the risk of incarceration? Seeing a loved one getting arrested by a law enforcement officer is never easy, but knowing that they understand their rights in jail can be somewhat comforting. If a loved one you care about is arrested, it’s vital to understand the rights of an inmate. To help you get started, here is a guide from the licensed bail bondsman in Greensboro, NC.

A Brief Overview

For one, you must understand that basic human rights cannot be taken away from anyone, irrespective of whether they are arrested. To begin with, every inmate is given their First Amendment rights, which are valid to the extent that they don’t affect their status as an inmate. A bail bondsman in Greensboro, NC,can help defendants post bail while they are awaiting their trial. However, before their bail is granted and they are stuck in jail, they can always use their First Amendment rights to ensure protection against inhumane treatment, such as any unusual punishment or cruelty.

The Right to Non-Discrimination

While you are in jail, no one can discriminate against race, gender, or anything else. If you can prove that you faced discrimination in jail, the court uses rational-basis scrutiny to evaluate if it is constitutional. In addition, inmates should also not be harassed by the prison staff or inmates, and if they are being harassed or being allowed by the law enforcement staff in jails to be in situations where they can be harassed it can lead to severe penalties and criminal sanctions for the perpetrators.

Right to Medical Care and Access to Communication

Incarceration doesn’t negate someone’s right to adequate medical attention. The Eighth Amendment extends to healthcare, mandating facilities to provide necessary medical treatment. Inmates are entitled to receive medication, therapy, and attention for existing conditions. Despite confinement, inmates retain the right to communicate with the outside world, and this includes visits, phone calls, and written correspondence with family and legal counsel. Restrictions may exist for security purposes, but these don’t infringe unreasonably upon this right.


Whether you or someone you know has been arrested for drug possession, DUI/DWI, shoplifting, or something more severe, you should always know your rights as an inmate. The constitution of the United States presumes an individual is innocent until proven guilty, and using bail bonds is an excellent way to invoke your rights while you are arrested. You can apply for bail, and if the court deems you eligible, all you need to do is reach out to a licensed bail bond agent for financial aid, and they can help you post bail for a small premium fee.

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