Immigration Bail Bonds in Arizona

Get your loved one released from ICE detention facility through Amistad Bail Bonds’ immigration bail bonds in Arizona. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

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Conditions within immigration detention centers vary between states, but they generally aren’t too different from prisons. If your loved one has been detained by immigration, they could be living in a cramped, unsanitary facility with inadequate medical care.
Help them get released through our immigration bonds in Arizona. One of our reliable immigration bail bond agent will get to work right away. They’ll process your loved one’s bail as quickly as possible so you can reunite with them.

How Immigration Bail Bonds Work

ICE will assign your loved one an Alien Registration Number, which is used for identifying immigration matters. Afterward, they will decide whether your loved one is eligible for an immigration bond or if a bond hearing is required.

If your loved one is deemed eligible and you pay the bond, they will be released on the condition that they attend their immigration court hearings. If they don’t, the bail paid can’t be refunded.

The payment process can be time-consuming and confusing. But Amistad Bail Bonds is here to handle it for you and make paying the bond amount easier.

We offer the following payment options:

  • Full cash collateral: Total bond amount + $100 bond application fee + 2% premium cost of the total bond amount
  • 15% premium of the total bond amount + lien on a property

How We Help

Faster Release
Our immigration bond agents are highly experienced and familiar with the payment process. They’ll gather all the requirements to help speed up your loved one’s release.

More Resources
When using a property as collateral and paying only a percentage of the total bail amount, you’ll have more money to pay for legal representation for your loved one.

Expert Advice
Your immigration bail bondsman in Arizona will help you understand the process better and direct you toward other immigration resources.

Where to Pay

Arizona immigration bonds can be paid in ICE ERO bond acceptance facilities in the following cities:

  • Tucson
  • Florence
  • Eloy
  • Phoenix

ICE Immigration Detention Facilities in Arizona

Your loved one may be detained in the following immigration detention facilities:

  • Central Arizona Correctional Center
  • Eloy Detention Center
  • Federal Corrections Institute (FCI) Phoenix
  • Florence Correctional Center
  • Florence Service Processing Center
  • La Palma Correctional Center

No Annual Renewal or Maintenance Fees

You and your loved one are in a difficult situation. We try to make paying your immigration bail bond fees as affordable for you as possible.

Some companies charge a 10% premium of the total bond amount with the addition of a lien. However, these often come with annual renewals and or annual maintenance fees. Immigration cases usually last 3 to 5 years or more, so you lose more money in the long run.

With Amistad, there are no annual maintenance fees and no renewal payments of premium. You pay just a 15% premium when using property as collateral for example, regardless of how long your case lasts.

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