Immigration Bail Bonds in Arizona

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milton hanks
milton hanks
Wonderful Service. I was even able to bail my guy out late on a Sunday. This company was a lifesaver. I would recommend there service to anyone
Deja SandersLingo
Deja SandersLingo
Amazing , honestly this was the fastest moving bailbonds man I’ve ever met , I called he gave me a quote immediately, I got to his office , he moved super quick through the paperwork and my person was out of jail within 30 mins of him dropping off the paperwork , literally wish I could give him 10 stars .
Walter Hernandez
Walter Hernandez
Los recomiendo son personas muy serias muy honestas en su trabajo 100% recomendado..
Lakendra Devone
Lakendra Devone
The Best bail bondsman I ever used thanks for the best quality service
Lorenzo M
Lorenzo M
The firm was professional and expedient. Within 30 minutes of completing the application, Isaak was at the detention center bailing my daughter out. Would definitely recommend this company.
Brooke Jackson
Brooke Jackson
Great service, fast and friendly! Will most definitely use again in the future if need be!!
Jeff Ojey
Jeff Ojey
Yeimy Paola Sadder Carvajal
Yeimy Paola Sadder Carvajal
Buena asesoría, todo fue ágil y real. Gracias
tanesha coates
tanesha coates
They were awesome. I called to see what I need to do and they got the job done. Thank you.

Immigration Bail Bonds In Arizona

Is your friend or family member being detained by the Department of Homeland Security US Immigration and Customs Enforcement? You have come to the right place. Call us now to schedule an appointment and release them from the ICE detention facility with our immigration bonds in Arizona.

Release your Loved Ones from Detention Facilities with Immigration Bonds in Arizona

Detention centers are no different from prisons where undocumented immigrants have to stay confined within a certain radius away from the people they love. If you or your loved ones have been detained by immigration, our professional bond agents can help you out. Instead of staying within a cramped, unhygienic detention facility along with other immigration inmates and inadequate healthcare, they can see the daylight just like any other free man with Amistad Bail and Immigration Bonds.

As a renowned immigration bonds specialist, we have helped countless detainees gain their freedom and we can do it for you too. Get in touch with us to release your loved ones from the ICE detention centers. Our agents can get started with the paperwork and process the bail as soon as possible.


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How does Immigration Bail Bond work?

If an undocumented individual is spotted by the ICE or local police, they are considered illegal immigrants. For such immigrants, ICE has a special Alien Registration number and they have to stay in the ICE detention center till the court hearing. However, you can release the accused immigrant with immigration bail bonds that serve as a surety that the defendant would appear on their scheduled court hearing. Once the suspect attends the hearing the bond is returned; but, if they are a no-show the bail paid would be forfeited. That’s how Immigration bail bonds work in Arizona.

How can We Help?

When you have someone stuck in the immigration detention center, we can help you with:
  • Expert insights: For one, no one can be too acquainted with the world of immigration bail bonds. Our bail bondsmen in Arizona can aid you to understand the process thoroughly so that you find the right immigration resources.
  • Less expensive: With us, you pay only a percentage of the total bail amount when you are using a property as a lien. So, you can save more to pay for the legal attorney of your loved ones.
  • Faster results: Getting detained by the ICE is a grave concern and if someone you love is going through the same, our team of bond agents can help in their faster release by speeding up the bail process.
What Happens After Closing the Case
how to bail someone out of jail

Where to Pay?

If you directly try to pay the ICE in cash bonds, the process can be confusing as well as time-consuming. Instead, you can choose our experts at Amistad Bail Bonds to handle the Arizona immigration bond process for you and pay seamlessly. Our payment options include the following:
  • Full cash collateral that involves the total bond amount + 2% premium price of the total bond amount and 100 USD application fee
  • 15% premium of the total bond amount and property collateral
You can pay the Arizona immigration bail bonds in ICE-ERO facilities available in the following cities:
  • Tucson
  • Eloy
  • Florence
  • Phoenix

No Annual Renewal or Maintenance Fees

Based on the severity of the crime, immigration cases can last somewhere from 3 to 5 years or more and the initial hearings are crucial because it forms the impression of the suspect before the law. If you or your loved one are in a challenging situation where you are scrambling with the risk of losing money in an immigration case in the long run, we can help you out.

If you know someone stuck in ICE detention and you are searching for bail bonds for their release, you can always reach us out. Unlike other companies that charge a 10% premium of the bond amount with additional collateral and annual maintenance fees and renewals, we charge no annual maintenance fees or no renewal of payments of premium. All you need to pay is the 15% premium when you are using any property as collateral, regardless of how long it takes for your case to be over.

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History and Immigration in Arizona

Do you know that around 325,000 illegal immigrants currently reside in Arizona? This isn’t a constant figure; it’s dramatically skating upwards as more and more immigrants are entering the state illegally to find a better future. If you have a friend or relative caught illegally attempting to enter the country, they may be held at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center. An immigration bond in Arizona can help them to get out of the detention center so they can prepare for their hearing and present a strong case before the immigration judge.

Need help with immigration bonds in Arizona? Are you a legal citizen who wants to bail a friend or family member out of ICE detention? Contact our team of experts at Amistad Bail Bonds and help your loved one.

Schedule a Free Consultation now!

Our team of seasoned immigration bond agents is available around the clock. To book a free consultation fill out our contact form and get started with the immigration bailservices now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

An illegal immigrant who isn’t deemed to be a “flight risk” or a threat to community is eligible for bail bonds. Why? Because if the ICE believes you will attend the court hearings and not flee the authorities, there’s no reason to withhold your bail bond rights.

When you are paying for an immigration bail bond, there are two ways to do so. For one, you can pay the full amount of the bond directly to the ICE, which involves a lot of technicalities. Or you can pay with surety bonds which are done by us. Once your case is closed and you appear for court hearings, your bail bond is refunded.

The delivery bond is a monetary promise that an individual makes to show up for the court hearing and if they fail to attend the proceedings the bond will be forfeited to the state. On the other hand, a voluntary departure bond is a bail bond that allows the undocumented immigrant released in terms of leaving the state.

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