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Kiara Aristide
Kiara Aristide
5 star customer service. It was my first time dealing with Bail Bonds and they made it very easy for me. They properly walked me through the steps and clarified everything so there wouldn’t be any confusion and it went by very quick. Still thanking them till this day.
Isaak was very professional, quick, and responsive. Reasonable price as well. Would recommend to anyone needing a bondsman.
Arsanio Saad
Arsanio Saad
Quick response and so helpful the do everything that the case needs thanks guys, and special for Domenico.
Jeremy Bielat
Jeremy Bielat
Had a wonderful experience with Isaak. His communication was on point from the get go. Amistad has very easy process to follow and Isaak took the extra time to explain everything clearly.
Lulane Chasteen
Lulane Chasteen
Isaak was very helpful. He resolved the issue quickly and I recommend his business.
Tommy Saunders
Tommy Saunders
Very professional and prompt, couldn't ask for better or easier service, thank you for everything most definitely recommend any that has to use a bondsman to give you a call, again thanks very much
Lorenzo M
Lorenzo M
The firm was professional and expedient. Within 30 minutes of completing the application, Isaak was at the detention center bailing my daughter out. Would definitely recommend this company.
Canales Fam
Canales Fam
What can I say about their services?When you are confused and don’t know where to go, please contact Amistad. We needed directions for Immigration Bonds and Mr. Ramiro and his co-workers took their time to explain the options and process. Once we were able to make a decision Amistad was there every step. From the 1st call to the last call, they were able to text everything if needed rapid response. I was so comfortable and confident that they will get the job right. They assure me the communication with the facility was quick and easy. Indeed it was. I was on the phone with them at 10am and everything was done back and forth with steps of what was needed till the end of our loved one to be release at 3pm. You want peace of mind? Just call Amistad. They will take care of everything and until the case is close you will be in contact with them. AMAZING COMPANY! To work with. Thank you so much, really appreciate it.
Natasha Navarro
Natasha Navarro
We used Amistad just yesterday for a family member. Their staff was very professional, organized and answered all our questions. They are really easy to communicate with and helped us stay calm during what is normally a very stressful time.
Michael Duncan
Michael Duncan
Isaak worked with me to bond out my loved one, despite me being in another city 100 miles away. Was able to complete everything via email. Very courteous, professional, and above all empathetic to the situation.

Servicing All 100 Counties

Getting someone you love released on bond may seem like a daunting and complicated process. Here at Amistad Bail Bonds we understand that this is an emotional time for your family and we are ready to help with a variety
of bail bond solutions.

We can provide the service you need in the entire state of NC in a manner to best match your financial situation and the nature of the offense you are charged with. When trouble strikes you or a loved one in any North Carolina area, we are ready to help with fast service and the lowest rates. Don’t wait, call us any time day or night; Amistad is ready to help.


Areas Covered


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Amistad Can Help With

  • Flexible Payment Plans with 0% interest rates
  • Payments as low as 5% down
  • Property as collateral to receive the lowest rates in the area
  • Cash bail bonds with the exception of “Child Support”
  • Bail bonds concerning all felonies and misdemeanors.
  • Failure to Appears (FTAs)
  • Transfer bonds for those arrested while traveling
  • Immigration bonds

Conditions for Pre-trial Release Vary

The conditions a judge will impose for pre-trial release often depend on the nature of the offense. This includes the character, criminal history and standing in the community of the defendant. The judge might release a defendant on their own recognizance or unsecured bail if the offense is minor. This happens many times in areas such as Charlotte, Concord, and Monroe, North Carolina. In these cases, a bail amount is set but the defendant is not required to pay anything unless he fails to appear in court or violates some other condition for release as set by the court.

A cash bond amount can be set when defendants are consider a flight risk. The magistrate or judge considers all the pertinent factors in the case and sets bail.

What Happens After Closing the Case
how to bail someone out of jail

Paying a Bail Bonds in Nc

You can pay a percentage of the cash bail to Amistad and we’ll handle the rest. We have several payment options including pay by phone, electronic signature of required documents and Amistad accepts all major credit cards for your convenience.

In some cases, the court will accept property as collateral for the bond amount. The court then places a lien on the property until the case is resolved and can foreclose if the defendant fails to appear. In either case, our agents are available 24/7 to serve you.

Contact the experts at Amistad Bail Bonds today!

Call (800) 537-0645

Fast Action That You Can Count On

Having someone you love in jail can be overwhelming and stressful. With our commitment to serving you we, at Amistad Bail Bonds of Raleigh, North Carolina, try to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible for you and your family. We also have agents very closed to the Johnston County Jail in Smithfield and available 24 hours a day.

We strive to work with your budget and financial situation with the different bail services we provide. If you find yourself in trouble or know someone who has, we are the team of experts that you need on your side. We believe in fast, quality service at a low rate, helping you whenever trouble strikes. Call us day or night, we are always ready to help get you out.

Amistad Bail Bonds also has agents located in: Wilson, Goldsboro, Carthage, and Greenville

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