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Bail Bond Services in Raleigh North Carolina

Amistad Bail & Immigration Bonds, based out of Raleigh, NC, is a leading bail bond provider for the Triangle area. We offer residents in the entire state of North Carolina with fast and considerate bail bond service. Amistad Bail & Immigration Bonds is also in the process in expanding their bail services to South Carolina and Virginia. To include immigration bonds services nationwide!

Experienced Bail Bond Agents

We have decades of collective experience in the bail bond industry. Amistad Bail & Immigration Bonds has been in the business since ‘09. Over the years, we’ve developed effective strategies that allow us to get those we represent out of jail as quickly as possible by making the necessary court arrangements.

In several cases, we’ve represented detainees without hard assets as collateral. This is possible by taking out a signature bond. As an alternative to traditional bail bonds, a signature bond requires a defendant to sign an agreement to return to court for trial. While it does not instruct your loved one to deposit cash or collateral to the court, failing to appear could come with additional fees.

In most cases, we grant this option to those with minor felony type cases; those who have no prior criminal history, are a low flight risk, or are not a danger to the community.

In this trying time, you need a team of professionals who will discuss the options available in order to free your loved one. We pledge to provide honest, dependable service to those we represent, always.

We are here to help you make bail 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact us anytime for a confidential, no-cost consultation.

Attend Scheduled Pre-trial Hearings

As a business, our goal is to ensure a pre-trial release for your loved one. This starts by obtaining a bail bond, which allows the judiciary system to hold defendants accountable when attending their scheduled hearings. We help our clients show up for their court dates by providing you with all the necessary information concerning your loved one’s court appearances.

If you are unable to find the court date for which you are to appear, you are still responsible for appearing in court. Failing to attend a hearing is a separate offense that could prompt the court to issue an arrest warrant, and your loved one may stay behind bars until the completion of the case.

We provide bail bond assistance that allows detainees to return to the comfort of their friends and family until their scheduled court hearing. Don’t let your loved one stay in jail longer than necessary — please call our office and we will assist you. Our team will expedite their return, so your loved one can concentrate on working with their lawyer and preparing for their defense.

Our team’s professionalism and commitment to the local community will help to make your experience with us a good one. Call us at (800) 537-0645.

At Amistad Bail & Immigration Bonds we realize that confidential, 24 hour bail bond service is the key to our success. We realize that posting bail for someone may be an inconvenience since the need for emergency bail bonds usually happens beyond business hours.

Address your loved one’s bail bond concerns from the convenience of your desktop or phone. We streamline our bail bonds process and write many bonds via phone, fax, and email. This means you may not have to leave the comfort of your home or office to post a bail bond for someone in custody.

Often times we can send to you the forms you need via email. You can then complete the forms online electronically without having to print anything, pay by credit card and we will do the rest. Our convenient method of posting bail takes the hassle and tediousness from the usual paperwork; with one call or email, you won’t have to leave the office or worry about unanswered after-hour calls.

We guarantee excellent 24 hour bail bond service and a professional appearance and attitude. Our goal is to maintain and enhance our position as the best Bail Bond Company in Raleigh for all of our clients.

Bail Bond Agents Who Take Immediate Action

Please be advised that many of the jails in North Carolina can take several hours to release a person after they have received a bail bond. Several factors come into play during a defendant’s release, such as the jail’s backlog of arrests and the number of pending releases during the time of the bail. As an added service, we will take the bond to the jail and will obtain an estimated time of release by the jail so you’re well informed all throughout.

When faced with any bail bond situation, our team takes immediate action. We are a 24-hour bail bonds service company, and this means you don’t have to be up 24 hours because we do the work for you. We go to the jail, we secure the defendants release, and process all of the necessary paperwork. It is our job! There are no extra fees to post bonds at any time.

To expedite the process of bailing somebody out, please call (800) 537-0645. One of our agents will handle your call personally and walk you through the process completely. Often times we will have 2 or 3 agents working on your case at the same time.

Time is of the essence when it comes to addressing bail bond emergencies, especially for those detained in overcrowded jails. The sooner you contact us the sooner we can contact the jail to start the release process.

For immediate 24-hour Bail Bond assistance please call (800) 537-0645 or visit our main office in Raleigh, North Carolina.


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