Become a Bail Bondsman in North Carolina

You Can Be A North Carolina Bail Bond Agent!

Amistad Bail Bonds is committed to seeing qualified bail bond agents throughout our state. That’s why we are actively looking for dedicated people with a burning desire to start their own business. You don’t need to
be licensed already, Amistad will train you using time tested methods to give you the tools you need to reach the level of success you deserve.

Our training program covers all the basics and more. You’ll learn to set up your business the right way and avoid some of the beginner mistakes that so often derail a new business. Our program covers good business practices and the right way to handle the issues you’ll face every day as a bail bonds agent.

Start A North Carolina Bail Bonds Business

Not satisfied with being a cog in someone else’s machine? If so, you could be one of the many people enjoying the challenges and rewards offered by being a professional bail bonds agent. You’ll earn substantial financial and personal rewards while providing a much needed service to your North Carolina community. If you’re that right individual, Amistad Bail Bonds, LLC can help you make the dream of being your own boss come true.

As a local bail bonds agent, you enjoy the freedom to manage your own time and working environment. The work isn’t always easy but you have the power to manage day to day operations in a way that fits inside your life that working for someone else can’t match.

Working with Amistad to learn the skills and gain the licensing you need to be a North Carolina bail bonds agent puts you on the faster road to achieving your goal. We can teach how to be a bail bondsman and provide you with the tools you need to get started.

Amistad Provides New Agents With An Array Of Valuable Services.

We’ll guide you through the process to become licensed and provide supervision during the early stages of your career. In fact, the North Carolina Department of Insurance requires all new agents to work under the supervision
of an experienced bail bonds agent.

Continuing Support And Assistance

Amistad provides new agents with live support 24/7 including holidays. We’ll provide valuable information to help build a website for your business, including marketing assistance to get your business up and running (depends
on location). Other services include free forms and documents, Transfer Bond Postings and fast turn around service for powers of attorney. Your biggest benefit with Amistad is access to our experience and knowledge gained from years spent working as North Carolina bond agents. We know how to do it right and want to help you get there too.

Discover the benefits of having a contract with Amistad Bail Bonds while you learn. Give us a call to learn more about starting your own bail bonds business today!

You’ll Learn About:

  • Posting bonds
  • Handling forfeitures and skip tracing
  • Collateral and surety
  • Managing your overall business operations and financials
  • Marketing, record keeping and customer relations

How to become a North Carolina Bail Bond Agent

The first step to operating a profitable bail bonds service is getting licensed by the North Carolina Department of Insurance. Amistad will explain the minimum requirements you must meet in order to apply and help with the mandatory two day series of pre-licensing classes. The next step is sending your application and other required documents to the North Carolina Department of Insurance (NCDOI). You will receive a qualification letter with instructions for scheduling the exam.

An Important Reminder

Under North Carolina law, all new bail bonds agents must work under the supervision of an agent who has been licensed for at least two years or more. After you pass the exam, you’ll receive your license in the mail and you can start working as an agent.

Basic Requirements:

  • You must be a resident of North Carolina, 21 or older
  • You must have a clean criminal record with no felonies
  • Have a drivers license or ID card to prove residence
  • You must be able to understand and participate in the licensing process

A bail bonds agent is not a bounty hunter or private investigator like you see on TV or in the movies. Bounty hunting and that sort of activity is illegal in our state. As a bail bonds agent you will be licensed through the North Carolina Department of Insurance and work closely with local courts and law enforcement officials.

Getting Your Bail Bonds License

Amistad Bail Bonds can help if you’d like to get licensed to work as a bail bonds agent in North Carolina. Only persons licensed by the North Carolina Department of Insurance can work as bail bonds agents in our state.
The system works a little differently here than in other states because freelance bounty hunting is illegal. The process for gaining a bail bond agent license can be a little complicated but we are here to offer guidance
and assistance to help.

You must meet the state minimum requirements in order to get a bail bondsman license in North Carolina. Requirements include completing a two day pre-licensing training course and fingerprinting for a thorough background
check to show you have a clean criminal record. Amistad can guide you through the application and examination process to help get your license.

Learn More About The Minimum Bail Bonds Agent Qualifications And How To Get Started By Completed Our Application. You Will Be Contacted Within 24-48 Business Hours.

Testing And Pre-Exam Classes

The process involves taking a pre-exam class to prepare, paying the required fees and taking the exam. Examinations are administered by the department of insurance testing vendor, Pearson Vue and you must pay a $40 exam fee at test time. You will have to submit your fingerprints for an FBI background check and be sponsored by a surety bail bonds company to take examinations for licensing.

Before you submit your application for license examination you’ll have to take and pass a twelve hour pre-licensing class. Amistad can help you with this and make sure you are properly prepared to take the license exam. Call or contact us today to learn how to get started right away.

What It Costs:

  • Pre-licensing class – about $400 to $500
  • Application fees – about $320
  • Fingerprinting fee – about $25
  • License exam fee – about $40

After you finish the classes and send in your application, the state will send you a qualification letter with instructions as to when and where to take the exam. If you pass the exam, you’ll receive your license in the
mail and may begin working under the supervision of an experienced bail bonds agent.

Getting a license takes some time but the rewards are worth the effort. Work through the process, do your best and you’ll find a whole new world of exciting career opportunities available to you. Amistad Bail Bonds agents
are happy to answer any questions and help you get started.

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Your future starts now, discover how you can be a bail bonds agent!