Immigration Bond Hearing Process & Requirements

Why should you pay attention to the immigration bond hearing process and requirements?

Immigrant detainees pay thousands of dollars in bail bonds to be released from federal detention across the United States — sometimes more than they should. Find out whether you’re eligible for an immigration bond, and whether you’re paying a reasonable price for the immigration bond, by learning about it from the experts.

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Our immigration bail bondsmen have years of experience in deportation cases. Let us help you during your time of need by explaining the bail bond process and making it easier for you.

How Does an Immigration Bail Bond Work?

Immigration bail bonds are required for immigrants who either commit a crime or come to the United States illegally. Their local law enforcement will take them into custody and transfer them to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facility while there are ongoing investigations into their case. Afterwards, they can post a bond.

For a detainee’s immigration bond to come through, it must come from someone who is over 18 years old and with legal status in the United States. This person will fill out all required paperwork and process the payment release — cash and personal checks are not recognized. 

Only then will ICE issue the detainee’s release. 

Note that the process is not always instant. It depends on the volume and complexity of immigration cases that the court is currently handling.

What Is the Immigration Bond Hearing Process?

The immigration bail bond hearing process is different in every case, especially when a detained individual is found with an illegal status. Generally speaking, however, the individual will be assigned an alien number that will be used to identify them while they’re in custody.

From here, ICE can decide whether the detained individual is eligible for an immigration bond or if they need to schedule an immigration bond hearing. Here Amistad Bail Bonds walks you through the bail bonds process and what you can expect.

Our Process

We’re open from Monday to Friday, between 8am to 9pm. Clients are also welcome to call our 24-hour hotline for urgent concerns regarding immigration bonds.

Before the release of a detained individual, the indemnitor will sign all necessary documents in person or via eSignature, depending on which is more convenient. The indemnitor is usually the caller. But it can be anyone, regardless of their legal status in the United States.

If a lien on property is required, we’ll email the document for the indemnitor to sign in front of a notary. We’ll also attach a FedEx Label to the email so you can send the notarized document back within the next business day. Amistad will shoulder this cost for you.

You will then receive instructions to deposit Full Cash Collateral to Amistad’s Wells Fargo, Bank of America, or Chase business accounts. You may pay the premium cost with any major credit card. Alternatively, you may simply deposit the funds directly to one of our bank accounts.

If DHS doesn’t approve the bond by 3pm, we will restart the process the next day. You don’t have to do anything else. We’ll handle it for you.

What Are the Immigration Bond Hearing Requirements?

Once ICE has given the detained individual an alien number and identified that they have a lawful status in the US and are eligible for an immigration bond, they can contact a family member to help them get out of the immigration detention center.

If ICE hasn’t agreed to or has set too high a bond, an immigration bond hearing might be arranged. At this hearing, the judge will investigate whether the detainee is actually eligible for an immigration bond. The process is notably easier for an individual who:

  • Is financially stable
  • Has no history of immigration violations
  • Has not committed serious criminal activity
  • Has strong family and community ties in the US

Together with your immigration attorney, you must prepare strong evidence that you’re eligible for a bond. You may prepare documents based on these factors:

  • Immigration Sponsorship: Ask a sponsor, who’s already a legal resident of the US, to prepare a sponsor letter that states how you know each other, their contact details, and proof of residence. 
  • Close Family Ties: Some examples of this are a copy of your marriage certificate, a letter of support from family members, and photos with family members during birthdays and holidays.
  • Community Connections: Show the immigration judge that you aren’t a risk through letters of support from community members and proof of local church membership or volunteering activities.  
  • Employment and Property Ownership: Show your financial independence through property deeds, paycheck stubs, and letters of support from your employer or manager.

Documentation is the ultimate key to a smooth and successful immigration bond hearing. By showing your immigration judge sufficient evidence in the form of legal documents, they’re more likely to declare you eligible for a bond and keep the bond within a reasonable amount.


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Amistad Bail Bonds, based out of Raleigh, NC, is a leading bail bond provider for the Triangle area. We offer residents in the entire state of North Carolina with fast and considerate bail bond service. Amistad Bail Bonds is
also in the process in expanding their bail services to South Carolina and Virginia.

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