Immigration Bail Bonds in Georgia || Help Your Loved Ones Get Out of Detention

Is your loved one being detained by Georgia’s ICE authorities? If your answer is yes, you need to call us right away! Our expert agents will rush to your aid and help you navigate this stressful situation. We can support you through this complex process and post the immigration bond in Georgia to expedite your loved one’s release.

Immigration Bonds in Georgia || Know Its Types and What They Mean

United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is a federal agency that apprehends non-citizens for violating immigration rules. If a detainee is eligible for a bond, ICE officials or an Immigration judge will set a bond amount. A detainee is eligible if they pose no security risk to the community and are not likely to run away.

The detainee’s family and friends can pay the amount to the authorities and facilitate a release. Once released, a detainee must attend all Immigration Court hearings to fulfill the bond conditions. However, this process can be complex and confusing for the loved ones of a detainee. An excellent alternative would be to contact immigration bail bondsmen in Georgia to help you out. Immigration bail agents can post a surety bond on your behalf and help speed up a detainee’s release. This facility eases the financial pressure and streamlines the process of securing bail.

There are four broad categories of immigration bonds:

  • Delivery Bond: One of the most commonly used bonds, a delivery bond allows a person to get out of detention. The primary condition of this bond stipulates that the individual must attend all scheduled hearings. The bond’s co-signer/obligor is responsible for ensuring their timely appearances. The delivery bond allows a detainee to stay with their loved ones and prepare for Immigration Trial till a final verdict is reached.
  • Voluntary Departure Bond: This bond is applicable when a detainee agrees to leave the US without any resistance. The authorities stipulate a day by which the detainee must leave the country. This bond allows the detainee to secure an early release instead of being immediately deported.
  • Public Charge Bond: A public charge bond guarantees that a non-citizen will not drain the country’s resources by accepting public assistance. If violated, their obligor must pay the requisite amount to the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Order of Supervision Bond: This bond facilitates release from ICE detention and limited freedom in the US till a removal order is finalized. An obligor bears the responsibility to ensure that the non-citizen will comply with supervision rules and surrender for deportation on the stipulated date.

Out of these, delivery and voluntary departure bonds are the most widely utilized types.

Releasing Your Loved One From ICE Detention || How It Works

ICE releases detainees on bail when a bond is posted. A typical delivery bond can have a minimum amount of $1500, which can go up to $10,000 or higher at the authorities’ discretion. The value of an immigration bail bond can be substantial, making it hard for a detainee’s family to arrange the money at short notice. We can post immigration bonds in Georgia and bring your loved one home while the proceedings continue.

Posting Immigration Bonds in Georgia || What We Do

Our efficient immigrant bail bond agents can come to your rescue to post the bail. We start by verifying the detention location and submitting an electronic request to the ICE. For this, we need the following details about the detainee:

  • Full name
  • Date and country of birth
  • Alien registration number

The ICE process for payment and release can be overwhelming for you as you cope with this stressful scenario. However, our professional agents are experienced in every step of this process. They can post the bail bond and coordinate a detainee’s release so you can reunite with them as soon as possible.

Paying For an Immigration Bond in Georgia || How to Pay

We have simplified the payment process for you. We have the following options:

  • Cash Collateral: You can pay the entire bond amount with $100 as the application fee and 2% of the bond amount as a premium.
  • Property Collateral: Alternatively, you may pay 15% of the bond amount as a premium and allow a lien on a property asset.

ICE Detention Facilities

Georgia has the following detention facilities:

  • Folkston ICE Processing Center (Main)
  • Folkston Immigration Processing Center (Annex)
  • Robert A. Deyton Detention Facility
  • Stewart Detention Center

ICE Payment Locations

In Georgia, the bond acceptance facility for ICE ERO is located at the following address:

180, Ted Turner Drive, SW, Room 337, Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia: History and Immigration

Located east of the Mississippi River, Georgia is a notable state in the southeastern USA. This Deep South state is famous for its peaches and other high-quality seasonal produce. Georgia is home to numerous immigrants. Currently, 10% of its total population consists of immigrants. Moreover, 7% of Georgia residents are US-born with at least one immigrant parent.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an immigration bail bond?

In the US, an immigration bond is a financial surety that allows a non-citizen detainee to get bail. The surety bond guarantees that the detainee will adhere to the stipulated conditions. In the case of delivery bonds, the bail conditions require timely and regular appearances during Immigration Court hearings. If a detainee fails to follow these conditions, the bond amount is forfeited.

2. How does ICE Enforcement work?

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities work on enforcing the immigration law. They arrest people if they suspect illegal immigration or risks of cross-border crime. The detainees undergo trials in Immigration Courts to determine their future in the US.

3. Do you take additional fees if the case continues for several years?

We do not charge fees for annual maintenance or renewals. No matter how long your loved one’s case runs, we do not collect additional charges.

4. Will the detainee or their friends and family get their money back if bail conditions are met?

If you pay us with full cash collateral, you can get that amount back once all bail conditions are met. However, we do not return our fees as that amount compensates our immigration bond agents for their time and efforts.

5. Are all ICE detainees eligible for bail?

A detainee is eligible for bail if the ICE determines that:

  • They are not likely to be a threat to the community.
  • They will attend future legal proceedings.

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