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If you are stuck in ICE custody due to violation of immigration laws and you aren’t a threat to the national security of NYC, immigration bonds in New York can be a lifesaver. Whether it’s you or you have a loved one detained by the ICE, you can always opt for our immigration bail bond services to stay out of bars and avoid incarceration.

What are your options once you are detained?

There are four primary types of bail bonds namely G1, G2, G3, and G4, but the G1 and G3 options seem to be the most appropriate ones once you are ready for your bail bonds. G1 is also known as the delivery bond and this is given when you have a notice of custody conditions as well as an arrest warrant. This bond ensures that you will show up for all your court appointments as scheduled and in a nutshell, this bail is a price that you pay to stay out of jail while you wait for your trial.

On the other hand, the G4 or the Voluntary departure bond is exercised less commonly by the accused immigrants and they are available only in specific scenarios. If the accused immigrant agrees to leave the country using their own resources by a specific date, the Voluntary Departure mail is given to the defendant.

Payment Options for the Bail Bond

The severity of the crime, the regulations of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the judge overseeing the case determine the amount an individual has to pay for their immigration bond in New York. A bunch of factors including criminal history and the availability of a family locally determine the amount of bail bond and it can range somewhere between $1500-$10,000. However, if you are seeking an immigration bond based on Voluntary departure, the bond amount is closer to $500.

Wondering how to pay for the immigration bail bond? Well, most accused defendants opt for surety bonds when they work with an agency or a bail bond agent to pay their bail. If you or your close ones are unable to pay in cash bonds or the cash necessary for bail, you can always work with professional bail bondsmen who can help you pay the bond for a small percentage.

Need help from expert immigration bondsmen for your case? Well, we have a team of hard-working immigration bond experts who can help you to secure your or your loved one’s release with same-day immigration detention release through surety bonds.

ICE Detention Facilities in NYC

In New York City there are seven detention facilities where immigration bail bonds are filed. These include:

  • Orange County Correctional Facility
  • Buffalo Federal Detention Facility
  • Albany County Correctional Facility
  • Wayne County Jail
  • Chautauqua County Jail
  • Allegany County Jail
  • Clinton County Jail

Anyone who wants to post an immigration bond must do it at an ICE-ERO facility and NYC has four ICE-ERO facilities where an individual can post bail bonds for immigration in person.  Handling the entire immigration bond posting on your own can be exhausting and confusing. If you know someone detained at an immigration detention facility in New York and you want to post immigration bonds on their behalf, you should go for licensed immigration bail bond agents who can conveniently post the bail without any delays or setbacks. Amistad Bail and Immigration Bonds can always help you out with the process easier and faster so that you can reunite with your loved ones as soon as possible.

How can we help?

Several factors are considered when judges decide whether they want to grant the bond. Even an upfront bail payment coming from a close friend, acquaintance or family isn’t enough. But, when professional bail bondsmen post the bail this means that a third party impartially backs the undocumented immigrant based on their case. By reaching out at Amistad Bail Bonds, you don’t just find a more reliable and convenient way to post bail, you also improve the credibility of your case. Whether you are low on cash for the bail bonds, or you need expert assistance for the overall process, our team of seasoned bail bondsmen can always help you out with your immigration bail matter.


Coming to America and especially New York, the epicenter of America’s cultural forefront is a dream for many people around the world. Especially for people born in second and third-world countries, immigration is a like a granted wish to become legally naturalized citizens and explore the opportunities that NYC has to offer. However, over 1 million New Yorkers live in a household with at least 1 undocumented immigrant.

NYC is home to around 3.1 million immigrants; however, sometimes countless undocumented immigrant takes their chances and enter the country illegally in the hope of a better future. If you are one of them and you are already in ICE custody, immigration bonds in New York from Amistad Bail Bonds can be your chance to achieve freedom. Need more information or detailed info about the process? Contact the experts now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your payment options?

When you go for paying in cash with the ICE, the payment process can be confusing as well a time consuming. However with us, the following payment options:

  • Full cash collateral that involves total bond amount + 2% premium cost of the complete bond amount, and
  • 15% premium of total bond amount +collateral on a property

2. What are immigration bail bonds in NYC?

Immigration bonds in New York are primarily a form of guarantee or federal bond that an individual posts as a promise for future court appearances. They are typically essential for undocumented individuals helped by the US DHS, Immigration, and Customs Enforcement pending the outcome of their case.

3. Who qualifies for immigration bail bonds in NYC?

As long as their case does not involve suspected terrorism, aggravated felonies, possession of controlled substances, or crime of moral turpitude, any undocumented individual or green card holder in NYC is eligible for an immigration bond. Also the individual shouldn’t be deemed as a flight risk or a thread to the community in order to qualify for immigration bail.

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