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The Knowledge Of Immigration Bonds You Deserve

Calling a US immigration bonds company is not necessarily a “fun” thing to do. In fact, it can be very stressful.

Most people never imagine having to put themselves in a situation where they need to speak with an immigration bond agent, and when they do, they quickly find that they know very little about how the process actually works.

Not to worry, Amistad Bail & Immigration Bonds has the knowledge and experience handling US immigration bonds that you deserve in your time of need.

Our experts have years of experience dealing with thousands of cases just like yours and are dedicated to helping make the whole process easier for you. Our team makes an effort to fully explain how the entire bail bonds for immigration process works and help you navigate through it to get your loved one back as quickly as possible.

If you haven’t experienced the need to speak with an Immigration Bond agent but believe there may be a chance you will have to in the future, there is never a bad time to learn about the process. Below we have outlined the top four questions about how immigration bail bonds work.

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Ask about our low 2% Premium Fee.

Secure the quick release of your loved one with friendly and professional assistance from our licensed immigration bond agents. Since 2009, we have been helping families in North Carolina and now helping even more across the entire nation. We are proud to recognize that we have assisted families from all over the world in helping them with the immigration bond process of their love ones.

What is an Immigration Bond?

The Department of Homeland Security U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) does a thorough job when it comes to non-citizens who are suspected of not legally residing in the United States.

ICE takes these individuals into custody and releases them only when they’ve proven their eligibility for release. Once the detained individual is proven eligible to get out on an immigration bond, a judge or immigration agent can set an immigration bond amount. The amount of the immigration bond depends on various factors including the level of risk involved in releasing the individual from detention.

An immigration bond essentially serves as a guarantee that, after they’ve been released from detainment, the individual with immigration-related charges will attend all court hearings and respect the judge’s decision. Take note that immigration bonds are automatically surrendered to the court if the individual fails to attend their mandated court hearing. The bond is also forfeited if the detained individual loses the case.

What are the Types of Immigration Bonds?

People who have already lost their immigration case or who were apprehended by U.S. officials at any port of entry into the country might not qualify for an immigration bond. The judge also doesn’t grant a bond for individuals who are involved in criminal convictions or terrorist activities. Those who do qualify for an immigration bond may go out on bail under one of these categories:

- Delivery Immigration Bond

This type of immigration bond is similar to regular bail bonds for other criminal acts. It’s meant to secure the individuals appearance at all court hearings after they get out on bail. It ensures that any possible deportation order is followed accordingly.

- Voluntary Departure Immigration Bond

Voluntary departure immigration bonds might be on the table if the individual peacefully agrees to leave the United States at their own expense. The bond is paid to ICE but will be refunded after the individual departs for their home country.

- Order of Supervision Immigration Bond

Individuals who are out on an Order of Supervision Immigration Bond are free to live and work in the United States while their case is ongoing. However, the detainee has to strictly adhere to the set of conditions that ICE representatives provide.

There are other types of immigration bonds that the immigration judge might settle for. But regardless of the type of bond, the detainee still has to attend their immigration hearings until a decision is made.

Are Immigration Bonds Available to All Detainees?

Generally speaking, immigration bonds are available to all detainees who are facing an immigration case. However, availability doesn’t automatically mean everyone is qualified for an immigration bond. Take note of instances
when immigration bonds aren’t an option for detainees.

Immigration bonds aren’t available for the following individuals:

  • Detainees who entered the United States unlawfully and who don’t have a lawful status in the country
  • Detainees who have a special criminal conviction or who have a record of missing court hearings
  • Detainees who were previously charged, ordered to be deported, and failed to follow the order

If the individual has a criminal conviction on their record but was never charged with it by ICE, it is worth asking the immigration judge for a bond hearing to deliberate the availability of a bail bonds option.

How Do You Determine the Value of Amistad’s Immigration Bonds?

The immigration bonds process is not similar to our regular bail bond process in many ways.

You may contact Amistad for assistance and inquiries about bail bond rates right after the hearing wherein the immigration judge determines the required immigration bond amount. Our agents will arrange payment for as low as 2% for all full cash immigration bonds so you can get your loved released, in many cases, the same day.

Amistad provides immigration bonds services nationwide directly from their headquarters located in Raleigh, North Carolina. We have bilingual agents to assist all clients. And although there’s always a chance of same day release once the immigration bond payment is accepted, don’t trust immigration bond agencies that “guarantee” same day release prior to ICE’s acknowledgment of the payment.

Let’s discuss your immigration bond needs today and sort out your loved one’s situation as soon as possible.

Who Actually Pays for the Bond?

Immigration bonds may be paid for by anyone who has a legal status in the United States. Of course, the person must show proof that they have sufficient funds to pay for the entire amount. This person is considered the obligor. They can get their money back in full if the detainee attends all mandatory court hearings and complies with the court orders. The payment is made at the local ICE offices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do immigration bonds typically cost?

Immigration bond amounts vary depending on the detained individual’s citizenship or residency status, criminal history, employment status and family background. However, departure bonds typically start at $500 and delivery bonds are usually around $1500. There are no upper limits for the bond amount.

Are bond hearings different from immigration hearings?

Yes, they are. The purpose of a bond hearing is for an immigration judge to determine whether an individual can get out on an immigration bond while the immigration case is processed. Immigration hearings, on the other hand, refer to the court proceedings that define the case as a whole.

Can detainees ask the judge to lower the immigration bond amount?

Detainees have the right to ask the judge to lower the immigration bond amount or to be released from detainment on their own “recognizance.” The individual may request an immigration bond hearing and present valid points about why the bond amount should be lowered. The judge’s decision in the bond hearing is final.

What do detainees need to prepare for their immigration bond hearing?

There are two things that a detainee has to prove during an immigration bond hearing. First, that they aren’t a danger to the local community or a threat to national security. Second, they have to give their word that they will be present at all immigration hearings until the case is closed.

What is the sponsor letter that is required during an immigration bond hearings?

The sponsor letter serves as a detainee’s proof of backing from a family member, employer, probation lawyer, or any other individual who can confidently vouch for the detainee. It should state the sponsor’s relationship with the detainee, proof of citizenship or residency, address, and means of support for the detainee.

Contact us today for further questions related to immigration bonds and your sponsor letter.

US Immigration Bond News and Updates

As a nationwide provider of US immigration bonds, we understand how stressful and confusing the process can be especially when it’s new to you. We compiled a list of bail bond resources, trends, updates, and insights so you can find everything you need to know just by browsing our website. 

You can count on us to share the latest immigration bond news and updates with you.




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Amistad Bail & Immigration Bonds, based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, is a leading immigration bonds company in the country. Amistad offers families in the USA and families around the world with fast and reliable immigration bond service for love ones who are detained in ICE Detention Facility.

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