Immigration Bond Hearing Process & Requirements

The first logical step when you need to pay immigration bonds is to contact Amistad Bail Bonds. 

Our fast and trusted immigration bail bonds services will help you navigate the process and get back your loved one quickly. As an Amistad Insurance Services, Inc. company, many of our agents are either bail bond agents, insurance producers or both. All of our agents are appointed and authorized through the NC Department of Insurance to represent our principal surety, Allegheny Casualty Company.

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Ask about our low 2% Premium Fee.

We’re based in North Carolina but because our agency electronically posts our bonds, we can serve clients throughout the country. Our agents would tell you that there is always a possibility of “Same Day Release” if your immigration bond is posted by 3pm. But this is never 100% guaranteed. Remember: a company that offers a guaranteed same day release is just misleading consumers. 

Rates and Options

Amistad Bail Bonds offers multiple immigration bail bond rates and options.

Full Cash Collateral Immigration Bonds include a $100 application fee and 2% premium cost. Here’s an example of the cost breakdown if the immigration total bond is $5,000:

    • $5,000 Full Cash Collateral
    • $100 bond application fee
    • $100 as 2% premium cost
  • $5,200 total amount due

Why not just pay the bond directly to the Department of Homeland Security, you may ask?

The additional fee of contacting a bail bond agent provides invaluable convenience for you. If you decide to pay the DHS on your own, you will have to deal with these factors:

  • You have to travel to the nearest DHS office that accepts immigration bond payments.
  • The individual who is making bond payments must have proof of legal status in the USA.
  • If the bond isn’t accepted by 3pm, you have to restart the process on the next business day.
  • DHS doesn’t accept cash. They only accept Certified Checks and Post Office Money Orders.
  • DHS typically takes 6 to 8 weeks to return collateral. It could sometimes take months.

If you currently can’t provide full cash collateral, Amistad accepts the equivalent of 15% premium cost of the total value of the immigration bond and real property. Other than full cash, our collateral requirement would be liens on real property. Here’s a sample breakdown for a $10,000 immigration bond:

  • $10,000 x .15 = $1,500 Premium Owed + Lien on a Property


Some companies may charge 10% initially. Although it’s a lower rate, it typically comes with annual renewals or an annual maintenance fee. These cases usually last an average of 3 to 5 years, and many times up to 10 years or longer. That means paying 10% every year that the case stays active.

At Amistad, we guarantee we won’t charge annual renewal fees and annual maintenance fees while the case is active.

Paying the Immigration Bond

If you’re paying the immigration bail bond out of pocket, you must prepare a cashier’s check to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Alternatively, you may get in touch with Amistad Bail Bonds to have your detained loved one released as soon as possible.

You will be asked to present your social security card along with a valid photo ID card in order to pay the immigration bond. Then, an ICE officer will inform the detention facility that your loved one is clear for release.

You must present your proof of legal status in the United States. If bond payment is accepted by ICE, normally, the defendant would be released the same day.

After your loved one has been released by an ICE detention facility, we recommend contacting an immigration lawyer to help you decide on the next best step.

Note: If the immigration bond sponsor lives far and cannot physically go to the detention facility, they will need to contact the nearest ICE officer and make arrangements through them. The detained individual will still be released from the area they’re detained in.

Where to Pay the Immigration Bond?

You may post an immagration bond at the nearest ICE ERO bond acceptance office on weekdays, between 9am and 3pm, except on public holidays. As a nationwide provider of immigration bail bonds, Amistad will help you connect with the nearest facility.

Keep in mind that immigration bonds can’t be paid in cash or personal checks.

How Do You Pay for Immigration Bonds?

The immigration bond payment process is less intimidating than people assume. Amistad Bail Bonds has streamlined the process for you:

Make the bond payment.

Prepare bond payments in the form of bank certified checks or US postal money orders. Payments should be made to the US Department of Homeland Security. The person posting the bond — either a US citizen or permanent resident — should be the same one named as the payor.

Wait for the bond to be posted.

It may take several hours for ICE to process bond payments so it’s ideal to visit the local facility early in the morning. The person posting the bond will sign a document with ICE that the federal agency will ask for when you collect the bond money.

Defendants should keep an updated address with ICE.

After the bond is posted and the detained individual is released, it’s important for the defendant to update their mailing address with ICE. This is primarily because the court will notify them of future court hearings by mail.


Call us at (800) 969-3484 for clarifications regarding immigration bond payment.




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Amistad Bail Bonds, based out of Raleigh, NC, is a leading bail bond provider for the Triangle area. We offer residents in the entire state of North Carolina with fast and considerate bail bond service. Amistad Bail Bonds is
also in the process in expanding their bail services to South Carolina and Virginia.

Amistad Bail Bonds, based out of Raleigh, NC, is a leading bail bond provider for the Triangle area. We offer residents in the entire state of North Carolina with fast and considerate bail bond service. Amistad Bail Bonds is
also in the process in expanding their bail services to South Carolina and Virginia.

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