Finding an Immigration Bond Lawyer: What to Know

In the US, immigrants comprise 13.7 percent of the population. If you or your loved one isn’t familiar with the many rules and regulations, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) may detain them for a violation. If this happens, it would be prudent to seek legal assistance in managing their immigration hearing case efficiently.

Finding a lawyer specializing in immigration bonds is paramount yet challenging. Here is a detailed guide to help you find the best immigration bond lawyer to manage your immigration bond hearing.

What is an Immigration Bond?

In essence, an immigration bond represents an amount of money paid to the US Government to guarantee a person’s presence during an immigration bond hearing.

Once a deposit has been paid, the detainee will be released and obliged to appear in subsequent court hearings. For the payer to get their bond money back following the court appointments, the detainee should abide by all imposed regulations. They should also make a physical appearance at every court appointment.

If the detainee fails to appear at the hearings or fulfill the given requirements, the bond money will be lost and remain with the US Government.

Who is Eligible for an Immigration Bond?

Everyone with immigrant status in the US can be detained by ICE — if they have broken the law. If an immigrant is detained, they might be eligible for a bond if they reassure the court system they do not pose a danger to the community and will not leave the country.

However, if a detainee has a history of criminal activities, they will not be considered for a bond and might even end up deported. Moreover, there have been cases where ICE has declined to issue an immigrant bond if they find the detainee is uncooperative.

Why Do You Need an Immigration Bond Lawyer?

When ICE arrests a non-US citizen for breaking immigration laws, a bond lawyer can help manage their case. An immigration bond lawyer can file a motion to the Immigration Court and schedule a hearing for their client. The hearing will discuss the immigrant’s eligibility for a bond.

An immigration bond lawyer can help determine the type of bond that is processed. Typically, delivery bonds are the most common type of bonds for related cases. Immigration bond lawyers greatly help clients since they handle everything related to the case. This includes contacting court representatives, gathering paperwork, and issuing statements on your behalf.

Paperwork Submission and Dealing with Legalities

Experienced immigration bond attorneys will know which paperwork to fill out and where to turn it in. They will also provide further legal assistance with bond hearing issues.

Many candidates risk failing to meet deadlines, missing out on court hearings, and more when they lack professional legal representation in immigration bond matters.

The bottom line is that you only get one shot at requesting a bond. So, if you do not have a lawyer to represent you legally in court, you might not be able to carry out the motion yourself or be granted the bond.

To ensure you have the right pick, seek a lawyer specializing in immigration laws rather than settling for a general lawyer. Another factor of quality to consider is their experience and knowledge in managing similar cases to yours.

Find a Trusted Immigration Bail Bondsman in NC

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