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Licensed Bail Agent

Brittany Ward

Bail Bond License #:19246552

Date Licensed: 08-05-2019

Brittany Ward graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Appalachian State University. She currently performs bail bond services mainly in the city of Concord in Cabarrus County, but she is also available to clients in Monroe, Union County, NC. Brittany is an athlete and loves dogs and the outdoors. As a licensed bail bondsman, she uses her communication skills and knowledge of the bail process to serve her clients with understanding and compassion.

Bail Bonds Services in Monroe - Union County

Union County is the fastest-growing county in the Charlotte metropolitan area and the 15th in the entire country. The county seat, Monroe, is also a thriving community where the latest urban developments are blending in with the place’s inherently rural attributes. Lovely, restored buildings showcase its history, while a bustling downtown area complete with a shopping strip, an airport, and industrial parks reveal the city’s progress. Monroe is home to over 30,000 residents. Like most developing cities with growing populations, Monroe sees its share of misdemeanors and requests for police response. Brittany Ward of Amistad Bail Bonds provides reliable bail bonds services to residents of Monroe and the nearby city of Concord in Cabarrus County.

Trust Our Bail Bond Professionals

Amistad Bail Bonds offers safe and reliable services to individuals in need of bail fund. We offer the following:
  • 5% down payment (for bonds over $10,000 and other conditions)
  • Flexible and easy payment options
  • Financing at 0% interest rates
  • 24/7 services
Our affordable services and kind bail bond professionals can come to your aid when you or someone you know is charged with a bailable crime. Get in touch with us today.

Monroe, NC 28112, USA

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