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Licensed Bail Agent

Andre Ruffin

Bail Bond License #:1000265

Date Licensed: Mar 8, 2022

Meet Andre Ruffin, One of Our Licensed Bail Bondsmen

Finding out your loved one got arrested is distressing. Don’t worry, as Andre Ruffin will have their bail posted and reunite you. Helping people is his passion, and he’ll have your bail processed as quickly as possible. He serves in these cities in Hampton Roads:
  • Norfolk
  • Chesapeake
  • Virginia Beach
  • Portsmouth
  • Suffolk
  • Newport News
  • Hampton

Speed Up Your Bail Posting

A bail hearing takes place 48 to 72 hours after you or your loved one is arrested. A bail amount is decided upon if the defendant is deemed eligible. Once paid, you’re free to go. Make paying bail easy by choosing Amistad Bail Bonds. You’ll have a licensed bail bondsman handle your bail posting so you can get out as soon as possible.

Affordable Payment Options

Bails amounts can reach tens of thousands of dollars. By working with us, you’ll get access to a wide range of payment options. You can get a payment plan with zero interest. If your bail is over $10,000, you may be eligible to pay for only 5% of the total.

Call Us Anytime for Your Consultation

Amistad Bail Bonds in Suffolk Virginia offers quality bail bond services 24/7. Contact Andre Ruffin whenever it’s most convenient for you to talk about your needs.

Norfolk City, Virginia

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