Why You Need Immigration Bond Services

Having an immigrant loved one detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is a harrowing experience. Immigration bond services can work with you to secure their quick release and provide you with the information and support you need to make their case in court. This article will discuss when you need bail bonds for immigration, why you need them, and how a bail bond agent can help.

When Do You Need Bail Bonds for Immigration?

ICE can detain an immigrant if they have reason to believe that the person is in the United States illegally. This includes if the person has overstayed their visa, entered the country without proper documentation, or committed a crime.

ICE detainment usually occurs when federal agents take an immigrant into custody. This can happen if the immigrant is stopped for a traffic violation or is arrested by local police. There are also other ways immigrants can be flagged by authorities.

Once an immigrant is in ICE custody, they will typically be held at a detention center until their case is resolved. That can take weeks or even months to resolve. During this time, the immigrant will be unable to leave the detention center.

In some cases, ICE may release an immigrant on bond. These cases are typically considered low-risk, and the immigrant is not considered a flight risk. Bailable ICE cases typically involve immigrants who have committed non-violent offenses and have strong ties to their community. 

Suppose an immigrant does not have a criminal record or does not pose a threat to public safety. In that case, they may be able to post bond and be released from ICE custody pending the outcome of their case.

The amount of bail is set by a judge. It is based on the severity of the crime they are accused of, their criminal history, and whether they are considered a flight risk.

When you post bail with the court, you promise that your loved one will show up for their scheduled hearing. If they do not appear, you forfeit the entire bail amount.

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Why Do You Need Bail Bonds for Immigration?

In many cases, the bail amount might be too high to pay for independently. The judge determines the amount based on residency, family background, employment history, and any criminal record. If you cannot post bail, your loved one will remain in custody until their trial. This can be very stressful for both you and your loved one, so it is vital to do whatever you can to get them out of jail as soon as possible. 

Get help from an immigration bail bond agent. This allows you to pay only a percentage of the total bail amount plus collateral. Amistad, for example, has two immigration bail bond options that you can secure.

The first option is the full cash collateral immigration bond. For this type of bond, you can get the total cash collateral in addition to a $100 application fee and a 2% premium cost. 

Suppose you don’t have the resources to pay for a full cash collateral immigration bond. In that case, your immigration bond agent might recommend paying the 15% premium cost of your immigration bond total, with liens on real property as a collateral requirement.

These bonds don’t charge annual renewal or maintenance fees while the case is active.

How Can Immigration Bond Services Help You?

In addition to posting bail, immigration bond services can help you with the paperwork and documentation needed to file a petition for release from custody. They can also provide you with information about the legal process and what to expect at your loved one’s hearing.

If you are facing the possibility of your loved one being detained by ICE, contact an immigration bond service as soon as possible. They can help you navigate the process and work to get your loved one released from custody as quickly as possible with immigration bail bonds.

It’s essential to do your research and choose an established bail bond agent. By working with an experienced and reputable company, you can rest assured that your loved one will receive the best possible care and representation.

Our licensed immigration bail bond agents at Amistad Bail and Immigration Bonds are available around the clock to secure the quick release of your loved one. Learn more about how our immigration bail bond agents can help you. Request a free consultation today.