Don’t Panic – We’re Here to Help

No one wants to hear that their loved one is in custody. Whether it’s the first time or the fifth, it’s never a pleasant experience and always brings stress, grief, and at times, more than a little panic.

We here at Amistad Bail and Immigration Bonds can help you through the bonding process to get your loved one back home. Between that moment and now, we also want you to be able to think clearly and make good choices for yourself and your loved one.

From the moment you get that call to the ultimate release of your loved one, it’s important to take steps to secure your own well-being.

Notice How Your Body Reacts

Is your heart pounding? Are you crying? Sweating? Shaking? Recognize these physical cues that your mental stress is translating to your body. Breathe deep. Take a moment for yourself to let the situation leave your mind so you can return to decision making and proceed calmly. Getting overwhelmed will not help you, your loved one, or those around you. Allowing yourself a little time to process the news before you launch into a plan of attack will serve the entire process best.

Choose To Respond Calmly

We know it can be incredibly stressful to have someone you care for incarcerated. At this moment, you can only control what is in your control. Give Amistad Bail and Immigration Bonds a call, and we can discuss your options with you. Once you are more educated on the process and system, the stress will undoubtedly remain, but it may ease a bit when you have more knowledge and support on your side.

Solidify a Plan

The unknown can be the hardest thing to deal with. Uncertainty in an especially difficult situation can be harder than normal. Taking the time to explore your options with an Amistad Bail and Immigration Bonds representative will give you the tools to set a plan in motion. Once you’ve considered your options, weighed the sides, and chosen the best path, putting your plan into action will help ease your stress.

Embrace the Moment and Reality

You cannot go back and change the situation your loved one has found him/herself in. You cannot change their actions, the circumstance, or anything that has already taken place. Once your plan is in motion and your loved one’s proceedings are being handled, it’s best to understand the logistics of the circumstance and what actions need to be taken in the future to satisfy the conditions. If you are responsible for your loved one after release, before he/she is released from the authorities is a great time to think about how you will take responsibility for him/her. What boundaries are you willing to draw? Do you understand the nature of the accusations against them? How has he/she contributed to his/her situation? Taking the time to think of such things prior to seeing your loved one may defuse a bit of the shock, panic, and emotion when you do meet again. Continuing through this process with calm is essential for everyone’s well-being.

We at Amistad Bail and Immigration Bonds want to be sure all of your questions are answered. We know how difficult these situations can be on the defendant and his/her loved ones. We’re able to smooth the bonding and release process for you. Call us for a free consultation – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.