Arrested for Visa Overstay? Here’s Why You Need Immigration Bail Bonds!

Did you know how many people get arrested for immigration violations in the States? In 2022, ICE deported 44,096 immigrations with criminal convictions or charges, and visa overstays are one of them. While many people migrate to the US in the hope of a better future, some also illegally choose to stay in the States when their visa expires. Although US immigration bonds can help you secure your freedom from ICE detention center before your courtroom trial, if you don’t want to get arrested in the first place and face the predicament of visa overstay charges, here’s a guide to help you!


Understanding Immigration Bail Bonds

A visa overstay occurs when an individual remains in a country beyond the authorized duration permitted by their visa. This violation, even if unintended, can result in arrest by immigration authorities. The worst part of getting detained for visa overstays is once you are booked, navigating the legal process becomes complex. However, you always have the opportunity to go for immigration bail bonds and secure your release. There are primarily two types of immigration bonds. These include:

  • Delivery Bond: A delivery bond is for individuals detained by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). It allows them to be released from detention, enabling them to reunite with their families and consult with an immigration attorney. This bond serves as a guarantee that the individual will attend all immigration court hearings and comply with the court’s orders. The bond amount is determined by an immigration judge or ICE but can be appealed for a potential reduction. If the individual fulfills all their court obligations, the bond amount is refunded, though administrative fees might be deducted.
  • Voluntary Departure Bond: The voluntary departure bond is granted to individuals who agree to leave the country voluntarily by a specified date. This bond allows individuals the opportunity to depart the country on their terms without facing deportation proceedings. The bond amount is paid to the government as a form of assurance that the individual leaves the country by the agreed-upon date. Once they leave the country within the stipulated timeframe, the bond amount is refunded, though, similar to the delivery bond, administrative fees might be deducted.

Significance of Immigration Bail Bonds

Immigration bonds offer the defendants a chance to resume their daily lives, reunite with their loved ones, and prepare for the impending immigration facilities without being held in detention facilities. Professional bail bond agents can also help you pay the bail amount if you can’t pay the amount on your own. They charge a premium fee of 15%, so if you are fine with the charges, complete Form I-352 (Request for Immigration Bond) to apply for bail as soon as possible.

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