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Bail Bonds in Richmond, Henrico County

  1. It can be nerve-wracking to find out that a loved one is under arrest. If this happens to you, the first thing you have to do is remain calm and work toward getting them out. After all, even if they’re found to be guilty, they are still entitled to stay with your family until the trial.
  2. Your loved one doesn’t have to spend another hour in jail. Amistad Bail Bonds provides bail bond services to secure the freedom of defendants in Richmond in Henrico County, Virginia.
  3. Call us right now, and we’ll work quickly to get your loved one out of jail.

The Bail Bond Process in Richmond, Henrico County

Our licensed agents will walk you through the specific process for your loved one’s case, but generally, this is how the bail bond process goes:

  1. A judge grants bail to the defendant, enabling them to be released from jail. It is a promise that the defendant will show up for the trial.
  2. This bail can be paid in cash or with property worth the full amount. In case the defendant and their family don’t have enough funds to post bail, they call Amistad Bail Bonds.
  3. Our licensed agents post bail on your loved one’s behalf through a surety bond. We will take care of the paperwork, too. This would require a down payment, which is a fraction of the amount of the bail. We will discuss this further with you.
  4. Your loved one gets released promptly, and you can provide the support he or she needs until the trial.

Payment Plans

Amistad Bail Bonds understands that funds are the main problem faced by families and defendants. This is why we developed manageable and flexible payment plans.

  • A manageable downpayment for bail bonds
  • Zero percent interest rates
  • Zero credit checks
  • Highly flexible payment plans on bonds over $10,000
  • Consultations are always free

Serving Richmond and Henrico County

As one of the densest cities in Virginia, Richmond is home to thousands of people who might need assistance in posting bail for their loved ones. The same goes for the residents of Henrico County—a vast territory means there might be numerous family members looking for assistance in the form of bail bonds.

Amistad Bail Bonds is ready to extend a helping hand to residents of Richmond and Henrico County. Our licensed agents have mastered the processes related to bail bonds in these areas, so you can rest easy knowing that experienced professionals are working on your behalf.

Contact our licensed bail agents now so that we can work towards your loved one’s release. We provide free consultations and a free quote.

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