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Finding out about the arrest of your loved one can be heartbreaking and difficult. The arrestee will have to spend time behind bars if the person does not have the resources to pay the court for bail.

The good news is that you have the option to get your family member out of jail inexpensively and quickly with the help of Amistad Bail Bonds. We provide reliable bail bond services in Manning, SC to clients who want to secure freedom temporarily for their arrested loved ones.

Why is Bail So Costly?

Paying the entire bail amount can be expensive, as it serves as an incentive for the defendant to fulfill all of the release terms and conditions, which includes appearing in court on the scheduled date. If the defendant honors the terms and conditions, they will get their money back.

Sadly, not many people can afford to pay the bail amount set by the judge. If this is the case, the defendant may opt to use a bail bond to get out of jail.

An Overview of the Bail Bond Process

Individuals who want the services offered by a bail bond company need to pay a portion of the bail amount to the firm’s bail bondsperson. The bail bond firm will then pay the court with the whole bail amount. The bail company is responsible for making sure that the defendant shows up in court on the day of the trial.

If the accused decides not to turn up, the court will inform the bail bond firm that the accused has failed to arrive on the scheduled date.  On top of that, the court will issue an arrest warrant to bring the defendant back into custody.

24-Hour Bail Bond Service

People who are interested in posting bail for their loved ones with our help can speak with us any time. We understand that obtaining bail for arrested friends or family members may be inconvenient. Given this situation, we make an effort to write bonds through communication channels, such as email and fax. This means you don’t have to leave your office or home to post a bail bond for a loved one in custody.

Additionally, as a 24-hour bail bond service provider, we do all the legwork once we receive your payment. We’ll be the ones to visit the jail, secure the release of the defendant, and process all the required paperwork.

A Cut above Other Bail Bond Companies

What gives our company the edge over other service providers is that we have bilingual agents (Spanish and English) who are ready to answer your call and respond to your inquiries. We offer flexible payment plans with zero percent interest rates.

Serving Clarendon County

We provide fast and quality bail bond services to clients in Clarendon County. When you turn to us for assistance, you can expect our responsive, trustworthy, and diligent experts to guide you through the bail bond process.

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