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Licensed Bail Agent

Bisceglia Allen

Bail Bond License #:19154331


Bisceglia Allen

Date Licensed: 04-30-2019


Bisceglia Allen is originally from Goldsboro, North Carolina, graduating with a degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice at NC Wesleyan College. She served as a Human Resource Assistant in the Army National Guard and an educator at Wayne Community College, the Anne Arundal Community College in Virginia, and at various correctional facilities in Goldsboro, NC and Baltimore, MA.


Bisceglia is a passionate and an active community member, making her current career as a bail bond agent a perfect fit.


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Reliable Bail Bond Services in Greenville – Pitt County


The Emerald City of North Carolina, Greenville is a small yet thriving metropolitan city that exudes suburban charm and hospitality. It has nearly 100,000 residents, many of whom are young families, university students, and young professionals. Greenville boasts rich culinary offerings, live music, and art scenes, as well as scenic views and landscapes for various outdoor activities. As with any other city in the country, however, misdemeanors and felonies like robbery and assault keep the city government busy.


Bisceglia Allen represents Amistad Bail Bonds and provides dependable bail bond services in all of Pitt County. She also extends her services to clients in nearby areas.


The Bail Bond Process


Individuals charged with a bailable crime may avoid jail time by posting bail. This is to reassure the court that despite having avoided incarceration, the accused will be present on his or her trial date. Sadly, many accused individuals and their families can't afford to pay bail.


If you or someone you know lands in this difficult situation, get in touch with Amistad Bail Bonds. You'll find that our services are more reliable and affordable than borrowing money—the full amount of the set bail—from high-interest lenders. You only need to pay us 15% of the required bail, and we will pay the full amount to the court. What's more, we accept calls from clients in and around Pitt County all day, all week.


Your Payment Options


Amistad Bail Bonds offers various payment methods to accommodate each client's capacity to pay as best we can:

  • 5% downpayment (for bonds over $10,000 and other conditions)
  • Flexible and easy payment options
  • Financing at 0% interest rates

Use our affordable, 24/7 bail bond services to help your friend or family member. Contact Amistad Bail Bonds today.

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