Debunking Common Bail Bond Myths and Discovering the Truth

As per recent reports, around 143,000 immigrants are detained by the US ICE in the past few years. Seeing your friend, family or someone close getting detained in a foreign country can be distressing. If someone reached out to you for help, desperately seeking a way to secure their release from ICE custody, US immigration bonds can be a great idea. Although immigration bail bonds can be a lifesaver to stay out of legal custody before the arraignment, there are many misconceptions surrounding immigration bonds. Let’s debunk these myths and shed light on the truth behind them.

1: Bails can only be paid with Cash

This is one of the biggest myths circulating the web for no reason whatsoever. Although if you are posting bail on your own, you need to pay upfront, you don’t always need cash to bail out someone. If someone you know is detained by the ICE and you are working with licensed immigration bondsmen, they usually take a variety of payment methods and even collaterals. All you need to do is pay the company a small percentage of the bail amount, typically 15% to secure a bail amount.

2: Bail Bonds are the Same as Bail

Bail and bail bonds are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. Bail refers to the monetary amount set by the court as a guarantee for the defendant’s appearance at trial. On the other hand, a bail bond is a financial guarantee provided by a bail bond agent to secure the defendant’s release. When you opt for a bail bond, the agent becomes responsible for the defendant appearing in court and abiding by the terms of their release.

3: Bail Bond Agents are Unethical

Most people believe bail bond agents to be crooks or unethical people who want to make some quick bucks during other people’s lowest times. This is far from the truth as bail bond agents help accused arrestees and their families post bail during their times of need. Bail bond agents are subject to specific laws and regulations governing their profession. These regulations vary by jurisdiction but often include licensing requirements, fee restrictions, and ethical standards.

4: It’s better to serve the time

If you want to serve your time in jail until your case is resolved, your personal and professional life might suffer. Regardless of whether you are found guilty or not, being released on bail allows you to prepare for the case properly and organize all your affairs before your sentence starts. You can use the bail period to prepare a strong case before the court, take care of your duties, prepare the documentation supporting your case, and prepare for possible detention.


If you are in legal trouble related to immigration laws, understanding the truth about bail bonds can make a significant difference for those seeking temporary release from ICE custody. Remember, bail bonds are a life-changing opportunity for individuals who can’t afford to post their bail and still want to continue their lives while awaiting trial. Wondering how can an immigration bail bond company help in getting you out of jail? Contact the professionals at Amistad Bail Bonds now!