How Long Can You Be Held Without a Bond Hearing?

A bond refers to a guarantee or a promise you give in court. It entails that you understand your immigration case isn’t over and promise to fulfill all legal responsibilities after you or your loved one is released. This includes participation in all court hearings and following orders from the judge.

Still, some factors can prolong the processing period to six months before you can officially pay an immigration bond. To understand the bond hearing process in detail, read on as we elaborate more on what you need to know about the bond hearing process and its duration.

Before the Bond Hearing

Before you get your immigration bond hearing date, you must prove to authorities that you are not a danger to the community or a flight threat. However, it might be more difficult to ask for a bond hearing if you have a prior criminal record. On the other hand, it will be easier to get your bond hearing date if your record is clean. 

How to Get a Bond Hearing Faster?

There are two ways to get an immigration bond hearing faster.

  • Deliver an in-person request. You can ask for a bond hearing on your first hearing. Usually, the judge has to grant you a hearing in the upcoming days or weeks. If you have the chance to get an attorney to do it for you, the process will be far smoother.
  • Send a written request. The second way is to write a letter to the judge to grant you the bond hearing. Organize the letter content neatly and include your full name and an eligible A-number. In the letter, explain that you prefer to get a faster bond hearing. If the judge grants your request, prepare supporting arguments and documation that clear you as a danger to society or a flight risk.

The Supporting Documents 

When applying for a sooner bond hearing, you will need a “Sponsor Letter” from someone who can vouch you’re neither a danger to society nor a flight risk. 

Regarding the sponsor requirements, the chosen individual must clearly state how they know you or how they are related to you. The person vouching for you must have a green card or proof of permanent residency. They must also suggest a living address for the detainee, with a street address and a mailbox. Finally, the chosen person must explicitly express how they will support you.

Additional Supporting Documents

The sponsor letter alone is not enough to vouch for your credibility. To increase the chances of getting a bond hearing faster, you can bring any valid document proving you are not a threat to society or a flight risk. Such documents include:

  • Tax documents proving you are a responsible and paying individual;
  • Volunteering certificates or other communal involvement paperwork;
  • Supporting letters from legal and permanent residents;
  • Diplomas or other educational certificates.

Once you complete all the paperwork, ensure you bring it to the hearing. 

Can Everyone Pay an Immigration Bond?

No. Only a legal and permanent US resident who reads and speaks English can pay the immigration bond. They must fully comprehend the bond contract before compensating it. This person must be someone you trust because they will apply to get the bond back once the case is over. 

The required documents the bond payer needs to carry to complete the payment are a valid ID card and a security number.

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