Understanding the Bail Bond Procedure

In court, the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty. However, the criminal court judge needs to ensure that the accused will participate in all mandatory court appearances, so they use bail as an incentive.

The judge is the one who decides if the accused can be released on bail and what the bail amount should be. They base this on different factors, including the following:

  • The gravity of the crime
  • Minimizing risk to the community
  • The Judicial Process’ integrity
  • Likelihood of defendant committing new crimes until next hearing

It’s also important to note that the bail amount can be adjusted as the case progresses. 

How Bail Bonds Work

You are free to go until the next court hearing if you settle bail. Once the case is done, the court returns the money. Bail can be paid by you, your family, or your friends.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the financial capability to settle bail in such a short amount of time. You can seek help from one of our bail bond agents in this event.

Our agent will settle the bail, where you pay 15% of the bail amount. If your bail goes over $10,000, you can avail a 5% down payment on the bail bond. You pay us the remaining amount through flexible payment plans.

How to Get a Bail Bond

Call a bail bond agent and provide the necessary information, such as:

  • Full name of the accused
  • Location of the jail
  • Booking or report number
  • Charges they are accused of
  • Other information relevant to the arrest

They will also need you to sign paperwork for their services, pay for your part of the bail amount, and sign off any collateral, if any.

Their familiarity with the bailing process can speed up the release. But it also depends on how crowded the jail is, so the release can take thirty minutes to a few hours.

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Types of Bonds

Cash Bonds

Cash bonds can be settled by you, a family member, or a friend. This requires the full amount and is settled without a bail bond agent. Once your criminal case is done, the court will return the money to you.

If you fail to appear at hearing, the court forfeits the full bail amount and issues a warrant for your arrest.

If the case is related to drug trafficking, you need to prove that your payment comes from non-drug revenue before it’s accepted.

Federal Bonds

If you’re being tried in federal U.S. district courts, this bond is required, but it works like any other bail bond type. The accused still needs to appear in all court proceedings, and the bail amount is forfeited if you fail to make an appearance.

Immigration Bonds

An immigration bond is exclusive to cases related to immigration issues and is posted with the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. Only bail bonds agents with special insurance licenses can provide an immigration bond.

Property Bonds

A property bond is only possible in select states. It posts the value of the tangible assets to get pre-release from jail. Depending on the state and its laws, the accused may need a court-appointed appraiser to assess the property value being used to post the bail bond.

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