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Bailing someone you love out of jail can be a daunting and emotional experience. No matter the reason for the arrest, you want to process the bail as quickly as possible to keep your loved one from spending grueling nights in jail. Obtaining bail bonds in Salisbury, NC can speed up the release of your loved one.

The problem, however, is that the bail amount is often too high to pay in one day. And this happens even when your loved one isn’t facing a serious crime.

The bail amount usually depends on several factors, such as the detainee’s criminal record, employment status, and history of flight.

If bail amount is set higher than you can afford, you can turn to us. At Amistad Bail Bonds, we understand what you’re going through. Our agents will help lessen the financial impact and arrange for the quick release of your loved one in jail.

We will make things a bit easier by posting the bail for your loved one through a bond. Expect fast and considerate bail bond services in Salisbury, NC — we help you repay the bail amount through a payment plan that works best for you.

What is Bail?

Getting a family member out of jail after their arrest is possible. Contact a bondsman in Salisbury, NC for help in posting bail.

How Bail Can Help

Bail is money required by the court to guarantee that a defendant appears in court on his or her trial date to answer to the accusations charged against them. The amount of bail depends on various factors involving the case, including the character and criminal history of the defendant. By posting bail, the defendant can wait for the trial date in the comfort of his or her own home.

Bail ensures the appearance of a defendant at their scheduled court trials. Those who fail to show up at court, however, risk forfeiting their bail.

Judges are responsible for setting a bail amount according to state guidelines and the offense, among other factors. An individual’s bond may exceed the suggested amount if the person’s likely release will endanger the public, or lead to the destruction of evidence or intimidation of witnesses.

There are different ways to post bail. You can pay the full amount of your loved one’s bail in cash. You can also post bail using a property with a cash value equal to the bail amount.

Post Bail for Your Loved One

Some suspects who want to post bail may not be able to afford the amount set by the bail schedule. In some cases, it is possible to file for a motion to reduce the bond amount.

Another way is to ask for help from a bail bondsman in Rowan County. If you can’t pay the bail amount either through cash or property, we’re here to assist you. We provide bail bonds in Salisbury, NC to help you pay your loved one’s bail, in full, with the arrangement that you will repay us over a certain period.

Why Choose Amistad Bail Bonds?

We understand that posting bail is a tedious process. So, we make our bail bond services convenient. You, another family member, or a friend can be the defendant’s co-signer of the bond. By becoming a co-signer, you can help your loved one or relative get out of jail as quickly as possible.

Co-signing for a Bail Bond

Co-signers vouch for the defendant and ensure that they have enough support from the outside so they can attend their scheduled court hearings.

The cosigner must be 21 years old and above, employed for at least twelve months, and own an open checking account. Stronger relationships with the defendant — such as a family member, spouse, or a long-term friend — make a bail bondsman more inclined to accept the co-signer.

We Offer Flexible Payment Plans

When it comes to repayment, our bail bonds come with flexible payment plan options and include:

  • Zero interest rates
  • Down payments as low as five percent
  • No credit checks
  • An option to put up property as collateral to receive the lowest rates in the area

Plus we provide bail bonds for a range of charges and situations, such as:

  • Felonies and misdemeanors – More serious and dangerous crimes come with a higher bail amount. Misdemeanors are punishable by up to a year in jail time, while felonies come with prison sentences longer than a year. As a general rule, the bail required for felonies is five to ten times higher than the bail amount for misdemeanors.
  • Transfer bonds for those arrested while traveling – Transfer bonds allow friends and family to post bond for a loved one arrested out-of-state. Obtaining a transfer bond makes it possible for defendants to transfer the bond to their home state. Once successful, their friends or family can fill out the required paperwork for them.
  • Immigration bonds – Immigration bonds secure the release of a person living unlawfully in the US. The bond serves as a guarantee that a defendant charged with an immigration crime will be present at their scheduled court hearings.
  • Failure to Appears (FTAs) – Defendants who jump bail — or those who fail to show up in court — forfeit their bond. As a result, the judge may choose to issue a warrant for their arrest, also called a failure to appear (FTA) charge. We help those with FTA warrants obtain a bond.

Count on Our Bail Bondsmen to Help

Amistad Bail Bonds has been in the industry since 2009. Our team helps you through these difficult times with our fast and considerate bail bond services. We arrange for the quick release of your loved one so they can wait at home until their next court hearing.

More importantly, our bail bond agents are knowledgeable and experienced. They will ensure a smooth release process for your loved one. They will answer any questions you may have and explain your options clearly. Count on our friendly services for help today.

Call our agents, day or night, and they’ll be ready to help get your loved one out in jail.

Serving Rowan County

While we primarily serve Salisbury, our bail bonds are available to the whole of Rowan County. Our services extend to all 100 counties in North Carolina. With one call, our responsive and diligent experts will answer to your bail bond requirements.

We are available 24/7 for your emergency bail bond needs. Our smooth process allows you to secure a bail bond without a hitch. We work around-the-clock, so expect reliable and professional help at all times.

Bail Bonds that Fit Your Financial Situation

Count on us to provide you with a fast response and flexible payment plan option — no matter where you are in the county. We offer flexible payment plans for bail bond amounts over $10,000. Similarly, customers may also qualify for bail bonds with down payments as low as 5%.

We offer zero percent interest rates and conduct free consultations.

Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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