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Bail bonds in Lincolnton, NC are quick and easy to get a hold of when you know the right place and person to ask for help. Get in touch with a Lincolnton bail bondsman who understands the urgency and importance of your need to secure a bail bond. With their help, you can have peace of mind knowing you won’t be handling this alone.

Amistad Bail Bonds is a trusted provider of bail bonds in Lincolnton. It is, in fact, the leading bail bond agency in the entire state of North Carolina. Our licensed bail bond agents understand that situations requiring a bail bond may occur at an unexpected time, not during typical business hours. For this reason, our dependable bail bondsmen are responsive — available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Lincolnton Bail Bonds Payment Plan Options

Amistad Bail Bonds secures bail bonds with various negotiable payment plans that enable maximum flexibility. We provide competitive down payment plan options for unique situations. Its qualified cosigner helps people get their loved one back home in no time.

What do Amistad payment plan options include?

Amistad offers an assortment of Lincolnton bail bond payment plans. Regardless of the arrangement with each client, all payment plan options consist of the following:

  • 5% down payment for bonds that are above $10,000
  • Affordable payment plans tailored to every budget
  • 0% interest rates
  • No credit checks

Cosigners may qualify for these payment plans as long as they are at least 21 years old, are employed for at least 12 months, and have an open checking account.

About Lincolnton, North Carolina

North Carolina has its fair share of amazing cities — Lincolnton is one of them. It is a small city in Lincoln County, NC with a population of 10,683 as of the 2018 U.S. census. It is a short drive from Charlotte, the Queen City, so professional athletics and recognized cultural affairs are easily within reach. Residents may also go to Gastonia for a dose of natural history.

With a prime location between the city and the mountains, Lincolnton has a small city charm all its own. But like every other city throughout the country, it is not perfect. Residents can make mistakes that are serious enough for another individual or organization to press charges.

These people who intentionally or unintentionally commit a felony or misdemeanor might have to spend time in jail until a bail hearing. If you know someone who is in this situation, especially if it’s a family member or friend, you can play a part in cutting down their jail time. You might need to secure bail bonds in Lincolnton, NC, so ask for help from our dependable Lincolnton bail bondsmen.

How Bail Works

When Lincolnton residents face serious charges, they may be required to stay in jail until their scheduled day of trial. Within the time of arrest, however, these people are allowed to post bail so they could leave the prison and prepare for their hearing from the comfort of their own home. A bail hearing is set to determine how much their bail is. The bail amount depends on how grave the charges are and on the sensibilities of the judge handling the case.

When paid, the bail serves as a promise to the court that the individual facing charges will attend all required court proceedings and trials. In simple terms, an individual does not have to stay in jail until the date of their trial as long as they pay the bail or somebody pays for it.

As soon as the bail is paid, the Lincolnton court will hold onto it until the trial is over. Only then will the court return the bail money. If the person facing charges does not attend the hearing or gets arrested again while they are on bail, the court will automatically forfeit the money.

If your loved one is facing serious charges, you can post bail in different ways. The most common is to pay a cash bail. It just means paying the full amount in cash.

Alternatively, you may give a property bail by putting up property as collateral. The collateral might include a house, antique furniture, valuable assets, or a combination of them. When the bail is broken, the cash or the assets will automatically belong to the state of North Carolina.

If you do not currently have the cash or the assets to post bail for a loved one, you have a third option. You can call a bail bond company in Lincolnton, such as Amistad Bail Bonds, to post a bail bond for you.

How A Bail Bond Works

Bail bonds are easy to process and even easier to get — if you receive the right help, that is. Bail bond companies help suspected individuals secure their temporary release from jail by paying the court a bail bond. The bail bond is like a surety bond that guarantees the full payment of the bail should the defendant skip the court hearing. The bail bond will be returned once the trial is over. But if the defendant doesn’t appear in court, the bond will be forfeited.

When a relative or friend gets arrested for a serious offense in Lincoln County, it pays to be knowledgeable about all possible options. By contacting a professional bail bondsman who is familiar with the legal system, you cut down on your loved one’s jail time. Your family member or friend does not have to feel like there is no way out of jail, especially if they really have no reason to be in it. Through dependable bail bond services, you can secure temporary release for your loved one so they can prepare efficiently for their upcoming court hearing.

Keep in mind, however, that you need to pay a non-refundable premium for an efficient bail bond company to help get your loved one out of jail. The company will receive around 10 to 15 percent of the total bail along with optional collateral.

Serving Lincoln County and Beyond

Amistad Bail Bonds assist in Lincolnton, Lincoln County, but our licensed bail bond agents are also available in surrounding areas, including:

  • Newton – Catawba County
  • Morganton – Burke County
  • Shelby – Cleveland County
  • Gastonia – Gaston County
  • Salisbury – Rowan County
  • Charlotte – Mecklenburg County

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