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Kiara Aristide
Kiara Aristide
5 star customer service. It was my first time dealing with Bail Bonds and they made it very easy for me. They properly walked me through the steps and clarified everything so there wouldn’t be any confusion and it went by very quick. Still thanking them till this day.
Isaak was very professional, quick, and responsive. Reasonable price as well. Would recommend to anyone needing a bondsman.
Arsanio Saad
Arsanio Saad
Quick response and so helpful the do everything that the case needs thanks guys, and special for Domenico.
Jeremy Bielat
Jeremy Bielat
Had a wonderful experience with Isaak. His communication was on point from the get go. Amistad has very easy process to follow and Isaak took the extra time to explain everything clearly.
Lulane Chasteen
Lulane Chasteen
Isaak was very helpful. He resolved the issue quickly and I recommend his business.
Tommy Saunders
Tommy Saunders
Very professional and prompt, couldn't ask for better or easier service, thank you for everything most definitely recommend any that has to use a bondsman to give you a call, again thanks very much
Lorenzo M
Lorenzo M
The firm was professional and expedient. Within 30 minutes of completing the application, Isaak was at the detention center bailing my daughter out. Would definitely recommend this company.
Canales Fam
Canales Fam
What can I say about their services?When you are confused and don’t know where to go, please contact Amistad. We needed directions for Immigration Bonds and Mr. Ramiro and his co-workers took their time to explain the options and process. Once we were able to make a decision Amistad was there every step. From the 1st call to the last call, they were able to text everything if needed rapid response. I was so comfortable and confident that they will get the job right. They assure me the communication with the facility was quick and easy. Indeed it was. I was on the phone with them at 10am and everything was done back and forth with steps of what was needed till the end of our loved one to be release at 3pm. You want peace of mind? Just call Amistad. They will take care of everything and until the case is close you will be in contact with them. AMAZING COMPANY! To work with. Thank you so much, really appreciate it.
Natasha Navarro
Natasha Navarro
We used Amistad just yesterday for a family member. Their staff was very professional, organized and answered all our questions. They are really easy to communicate with and helped us stay calm during what is normally a very stressful time.
Michael Duncan
Michael Duncan
Isaak worked with me to bond out my loved one, despite me being in another city 100 miles away. Was able to complete everything via email. Very courteous, professional, and above all empathetic to the situation.

Quick, Stress-Free Bail Bonds In Iredell County

Call: (704) 225-3535

How Bail Amount Is Determined

Judges determine if the defendant is eligible for bail. If they are, the court schedules a bail hearing 48 to 72 hours after the arrest to set the bail amount. The amount typically depends on the nature of the crime and the defendant’s criminal history and flight risk. Because most people want to be released immediately, most jails in Statesville, Iredell County have pre-determined bail schedules that specify amounts for various common crimes. The decision rests with the judge for non-standard cases. Once the bail amount is set, the defendant can post bail in three ways:
  • Full cash payment
  • Secured bonds (bonds with collateral)
  • Unsecured bonds (bonds without collateral that are secured by the issuer’s good credit standing)

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How Bail Bond Services Work

To secure a bail bond with Amistad Bail Bonds, you must first pay 15 percent of the full bail amount. We’ll then act as your pledge to the court that you or your loved one will appear on the scheduled court date. You also need to designate an indemnitor in case the defendant fails to pay the bail’s full amount or appear in court on their trial date.

Sometimes, the court requires collateral instead of cash when the bail amount is particularly large. In this case, you can put up any item of value as collateral, such as real estate property or jewelry.

If you don’t have the means to pay for bail or put up collateral for bonds, our team can also negotiate for a signature bond on your loved one’s behalf.

The Amistad Bail Bonds Promise

At Amistad Bail Bonds, our goal is to make the pretrial release process as quick and stress-free as possible. As such, we’ve made our terms highly flexible so we can work within the limits of your situation.

When you work Amistad Bail Bonds, you’re guaranteed the following terms:

Flexible Payment Plans

Our payment plans accommodate all levels of financial capabilities. We’ll negotiate the payment scheme early in the process to make sure your needs are accounted for.

What Happens After Closing the Case
how to bail someone out of jail

Minimal Down Payment

Bonds over $10,000 qualify for a 5 percent down payment instead of the standard 15 percent. Remember to pay the first premium within seven days after the agreement. Take note that defendants with prior and existing out-of-country charges and a failure-to-appear history aren’t eligible for the 5 percent down.

Zero Interest Rates

Amistad Bail Bonds doesn’t charge interest or additional fees. You only have to pay the exact amount of the bond.

No Credit Checks

We waive credit checks to expedite the process and help you post bail as soon as possible.

Amistad Bail Bonds reserves the right to require additional collateral, depending on the bail amount. We will also need to amend the payment plan if the defendant fails to appear in court. Rest assured that we’ll properly communicate these with you before we change the terms of our agreement.

What Happens After Closing the Case
how to bail someone out of jail

Why Choose Amistad Bail Bonds?

Working with Amistad Bail Bonds gives you the following perks:

Expert Guidance

Amistad Bail Bonds is a trusted bail bond provider in Iredell County. Our years of experience enable us to assist clients in various situations. You can come to us for your bail bond needs no matter how urgent or dire your situation, whether it’s for financial assistance or advice on the best course of action for your circumstances.

24/7 Assistance

We understand that incidents can happen at any time. That said, you can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just call us at 919-790-6887 for immediate assistance.

Post-Bail Services

Our bail bond service doesn’t end when your loved one gets released from jail. You can still count on Amistad for concerns following their pretrial release, such as rescheduling the trial after failing to show up.

What Happens After Closing the Case
how to bail someone out of jail

Assert Your Pretrial Rights

Arrested individuals have the right to pretrial release, unless otherwise stated. Work with Amistad Bail Bonds to ensure that your loved one exercises their right, allowing them to wait for trial out of jail. We work with clients to make the bail process as quick and hassle-free as possible.

Fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation. For urgent concerns, reach us at 704-225-3535 or contact one of our local bail agents below located in Statesville, Iredell County, North Carolina.

Local Bail Agents:

Christina Sagala (704) 296-2136

Jeremy Muldrow (704) 209-4432

Here for You

Our bail bonds experts are here for you whenever you need us. If your loved one ends up in handcuffs, we’re here to assist with your emergency bail bond needs in Concord. Our professional and licensed agents operate in all 100 counties.

More than just responding quickly to your needs, we stick by you until the bond is complete. We offer a 24-hour service because we know the justice system doesn’t operate within normal office hours.

Our services are available in both English and Spanish to make them available to more people across North Carolina. Our multilingual bond specialists as well as our convenient bail bond process make it easy for you to sign documents via email, instead of a time-consuming trip to our office.

What Happens After Closing the Case
how to bail someone out of jail

Bail Bonds in Concord and Cabarrus County

Amistad Bail Bonds has been providing bail bonds in Cabarrus County, NC since 2009. Concord is the largest city in Cabarrus County and the county seat. Located in the northeast quadrant, it is the second-largest city in the Charlotte Metropolitan Area. Moreover, the city is positioned halfway between Charlotte and Salisbury, with a total area of 60.3 square miles.

Concord’s Rich, Historical Roots

The first settlers in the city were German and Scots-Irish immigrants during the 1750s. Concord was incorporated as the county seat in Cabarrus County in 1803. Cabarrus County was the first place gold was discovered in the US, leading to a gold rush during the early 1800s.

As a part of a county with rich, historical roots, there’s a lot to love about Concord. And this cultural diversity means that its citizens deserve to enjoy it. It is small wonder, then, that visitors flock to the city now and then to visit its main attractions. After all, Concord is home to some top tourist locations, such as NASCAR’s Charlotte Motor Speedway and the Concord Mills shopping mall.

Addressing Bail Bond Needs in Concord, NC

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau in 2017 shows that Concord has an estimated population of around 92,067 people. With about 206,872 people in the whole county, the area has a need for dependable bondsmen, especially families that require assistance with their bail bond payments.

Since 2009, we have provided bail bonds, immigration bonds, and transfer bonds to families in the area. Trust us to help you obtain your bond quickly — we provide honest, dependable, and efficient services for defendants who require immediate release from police custody.

Call or email us today.

What Happens After Closing the Case

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