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Kiara Aristide
Kiara Aristide
5 star customer service. It was my first time dealing with Bail Bonds and they made it very easy for me. They properly walked me through the steps and clarified everything so there wouldn’t be any confusion and it went by very quick. Still thanking them till this day.
Isaak was very professional, quick, and responsive. Reasonable price as well. Would recommend to anyone needing a bondsman.
Arsanio Saad
Arsanio Saad
Quick response and so helpful the do everything that the case needs thanks guys, and special for Domenico.
Jeremy Bielat
Jeremy Bielat
Had a wonderful experience with Isaak. His communication was on point from the get go. Amistad has very easy process to follow and Isaak took the extra time to explain everything clearly.
Lulane Chasteen
Lulane Chasteen
Isaak was very helpful. He resolved the issue quickly and I recommend his business.
Tommy Saunders
Tommy Saunders
Very professional and prompt, couldn't ask for better or easier service, thank you for everything most definitely recommend any that has to use a bondsman to give you a call, again thanks very much
Lorenzo M
Lorenzo M
The firm was professional and expedient. Within 30 minutes of completing the application, Isaak was at the detention center bailing my daughter out. Would definitely recommend this company.
Canales Fam
Canales Fam
What can I say about their services?When you are confused and don’t know where to go, please contact Amistad. We needed directions for Immigration Bonds and Mr. Ramiro and his co-workers took their time to explain the options and process. Once we were able to make a decision Amistad was there every step. From the 1st call to the last call, they were able to text everything if needed rapid response. I was so comfortable and confident that they will get the job right. They assure me the communication with the facility was quick and easy. Indeed it was. I was on the phone with them at 10am and everything was done back and forth with steps of what was needed till the end of our loved one to be release at 3pm. You want peace of mind? Just call Amistad. They will take care of everything and until the case is close you will be in contact with them. AMAZING COMPANY! To work with. Thank you so much, really appreciate it.
Natasha Navarro
Natasha Navarro
We used Amistad just yesterday for a family member. Their staff was very professional, organized and answered all our questions. They are really easy to communicate with and helped us stay calm during what is normally a very stressful time.
Michael Duncan
Michael Duncan
Isaak worked with me to bond out my loved one, despite me being in another city 100 miles away. Was able to complete everything via email. Very courteous, professional, and above all empathetic to the situation.

Bail Bonds In Gaston County, NC

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24/7 Bail Bonds Gastonia NC | Gaston County

Hearing news that your loved one is behind bars in North Carolina can be stressful. Apart from the stigma that comes with being arrested for a crime — or worse, imprisoned — having your loved one in jail makes it more difficult to communicate with them. Plus, you may fear for their safety. And while the law allows for the posting of bail, in certain cases, not everyone has money to spare right away. Here at Amistad Bail Bonds in Gastonia, NC, we make it easy for you to arrange for your loved one’s release by helping you post bail.

Secure a Bail Bond in Gaston County

Bail bonds in Gaston County, NC are fast and easy to get with the right help. A Gastonia bail bondsman is a business person who specializes in bail bonds. Their responsive and attentive services alleviate the financial burden for the speedy release of your loved one from jail.

But while your need for bail bonds is urgent, time may not always be on your side. There seems to be an understanding that the need for bail bonds in Gastonia NC, often occurs at inconvenient times, instead of the usual business hours.

Call us anytime. Our trustworthy and licensed agents are available 24/7 to answer your call. We walk you through the entire bail bond process and treat your case with the attention and confidentiality it deserves.

A bail bondsman is incredibly responsive, usually available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They have a variety of different, negotiable payment plans that afford maximum flexibility in how to secure a bail bond.

We have been helping families navigate their bail bond issues since 2009. Our friendly services take out the hassle of securing a bail bond so you can arrange for the immediate release of your loved one.


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Fast, Professional Bail Bonds in Gastonia, NC

Getting a phone call about a loved one who ended up in jail is a stressful experience. No matter the reason for the arrest, you want to keep that family member from spending grueling nights in prison.

You can post bail to get them out, but often the bail amount can be too much for families to afford. And paying a high bail amount is not that easy.

The judge sets the amount for bail bonds in Gastonia, North Carolina. The factors he or she may consider include the defendant’s flight risk, prior criminal record, employment status, and ties to the community.

But the real purpose of bail isn’t to punish the defendant; it secures the presence of your loved one at trial. And that’s how a bail bond company can help.

Immediate Assistance

In Gastonia, bail bonds that are fast and affordable are within reach through Amistad Bail Bonds. We provide immediate assistance, so your loved one can get out of jail and wait for a trial date in the comfort of his or her home.

We take the time and diligence to address the need of every client, so expect attentive and friendly treatment from us. Our team makes no assumption about your case — we support you and your loved one until the case is over. This includes arranging for their quick release so they can prepare for their legal proceedings from the comfort of their home.

What Happens After Closing the Case
how to bail someone out of jail

How Do Bail Bond Services Work?

For most families, a bail situation is unfamiliar territory. Some may not know how to respond when their loved one ends up in handcuffs.

This is typically what happens: an arrested suspect ends up with law enforcement agents who will take his or her mug shot, collect fingerprints, and ask for a statement.

As the defendant awaits trial in court, he or she will be held in jail, unless bailed out by friends or family.

Bail bond companies work on behalf of defendants, making financial arrangements with the court. Securing a defendant’s release from jail, however, requires the payment of a bail bond.

Within a short time of arrest, the court will have a bail hearing to set the bail amount needed for the temporary release of the defendant. Bail serves as a promise to the court that the defendant will be present during his or her trial date. The court will return the bail if he or she shows up.

Failing to appear after bailing out — also called bail jumping — could have serious consequences. The court will keep the bail and likely send out a warrant of arrest to put the defendant in jail again. And the defendant could face further charges for bail jumping.

What to Do After a Loved One’s Arrest

Once you receive a call about a loved one getting arrested, one of the first things you must know is the schedule of the bail hearing. If a bail amount there has been set, you can post bail with cash or through your property’s cash value. Often, the bail amount is too high to pay in one day. So, we’re here to help.

Amistad Bail Bonds understands that getting a loved one out of jail is a tough time for the whole family. To make things a bit easier, we will post the bail on behalf of your loved one through a bond. You can repay the bail amount over a period that works best for you.

What Happens After Closing the Case
how to bail someone out of jail

Why Choose Us?

Posting bail, alone, is a tedious process. Using a bail bond — as opposed to cash — provides convenience. With a bail bondsman in Gastonia, North Carolina on your side, you can leave the lengthy paperwork process, as well as your collateral and other financial concerns, to the pros.

An Easy, Flexible Bail Bond Process

We understand how stressful posting bail can be for families in Gaston County. So, we make our bail bond service easy and flexible. Our friendly and diligent bail bond agents simplify the process for you. As long as you or another member of your family or a friend is a qualified cosigner, then we’re good to go.

Our qualification process only requires the cosigner to be at the age of 21 and above, employed for at least a year and has an open checking account. Co-signing on a bail bond means accepting the financial obligation to pay the full amount of the bond for a detained friend or family member. So make sure you’re aware of the responsibilities before you co-sign for a bail bond.

Adjustable Payment Options for Your Needs

When it comes to repayment, you don’t have much to worry about. Our bail bonds in Gastonia, NC come with flexible payment plan options and include:

  • Zero interest rates
  • Low down payments (as low as five percent for bonds worth more than $20,000)
  • No credit checks

Another thing that sets us apart is our team of bail bond agents who are knowledgeable and experienced enough to ensure a smooth release process for your loved one in jail.

How much is the Service Fee?

Bail bonds often come with a non-refundable premium. This premium is a fee for the services rendered by a bail bond company. Amistad Bail Bonds requires a premium that is equivalent to 10 to 15 percent of the total bail amount, meeting North Carolina’s current cap on bail bond premiums.

What Happens After Closing the Case
how to bail someone out of jail

Serving Gaston County

While we primarily serve Gastonia City, our bail bonds are also available for the rest of Gaston County population. We have local agents available to serve your bail bond needs in every county in North Carolina. With one call, you can expect professional, reliable, and honest bail bond assistance. Trust us to provide you with emergency bail bond services, any time of day.

Bridging the Gap Between Customers

Turn to Amistad Insurance Services for friendly and professional bail bond assistance. Customers in Gaston County trust us for our attention to detail and ability to approach every case without assumption or bias.

A bail bondsman from our team in Gastonia keeps all your sensitive information confidential. We upload your documents on a secure server and destroy hard copies for your ultimate security. For your convenience, we also transfer documents online.

Even paying for your bail bond is made easy through our electronic channels.
Count on our bail bonds agents to provide you with fast response and flexible payment plan, no matter where you live in the county.

Give us a call today to learn more.

What Happens After Closing the Case

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