It’s Crucial To Use Licensed Agents For Your Bail Bond Needs

When you suddenly discover that you need a bail bond, it can be a very trying and emotional time. Most people don’t have a trusted local bail bond agent in their rolodex or bookmarks, so you find that you have to make a decision quickly, possibly with limited information.

One of the most important things that you can do is make sure you are using a licensed local bail bond agent. Getting the Raleigh bail bonds you need will enter you into a relationship that is legally binding and, under the wrong circumstances, it can be very fraught.

The Dangers Of Unlicensed, “Hobbyist” Bail Bond Agents Are Serious

In order to be a legitimate bail bond agent with the state of North Carolina, you need to meet a wide range of requirements. Special tests help you to master all of the information related to becoming a reliable purveyor of bail bonds within your community.

Sometimes, businesses such as banks, pawn shops, and others may attempt to offer services that can be used for bail bonds. However, they do not necessarily possess the expertise you need to get maximum value from your bail bond while protecting your rights.

In a worst case scenario, an unlicensed person acting as a bail bondsman can rip you off. You might find that the bail has not been issued in the appropriate way to meet your legal needs at that time.

Another threat comes from the possibility that you will be overcharged for your bail bond. There are very specific, lawful, and fair ways that licensed bail bond agents proceed when collecting a reasonable amount due from clients — unlicensed agents may be “sharks.”

Use A Bail Bond Agent That Has Been Trusted In Your Community For Years

In Raleigh, North Carolina and throughout the state, Amistad Bail and Immigration Bonds has provided the highest quality of service to citizens in need. We maintain the top level of certification and ongoing professional education in the field.

Our level of knowledge allows us to “go the extra mile” to help and advise you during a troubling situation. Because of our dedication to professionalism and service, you know that you are getting “the complete package” when it comes to easy, fair, effective bail bonds.

We look forward to helping you just as we’ve helped thousands of people throughout the state. To find out more, just get in contact with Amistad Bail and Immigration Bonds now.