How Does A Bail Bond Work?

A bail bond is an excellent solution to get a loved one out of jail if they’ve been suspected of committing a crime, and learning just how bail bonds work can help you to better understand the process and the agreement that a bail bond represents. At Amistad, we understand that those in the North Carolina area may find themselves in need of a bail bond for any number of reasons, so we want you to get a good base understanding of the bail bond process and just what it means to use our services.

First, a bail bond can be looked at as an agreement, and this agreement is one that refers to a defendant appearing for their appointed court date after being suspected of a crime. When a person is arrested, they are then placed in jail, and a bail bond can help them to get back home again as long as they agree to continue with the court process without issue. When a bail bond is given to the court, it is telling the court that the defendant agrees to show up at their appointed court date without issue, and the money is then refunded by the courts when this occurs.

If a person refuses to show or disappears before their scheduled court date, the money is then kept by the courts and a warrant is issued for the defendant’s arrest. In these instances, the person who gave the money for the bail bond premium will not be refunded, as the agreement will then be broken, and the defendant may be surrendered back to the court at any time.

There are ways in which a person may be surrendered back to the court before their appointed court date, and these will also result in the bail remaining with the court. Getting arrested again, violating court orders, moving or travelling out of state without surety notification, and providing incorrect personal identification can all cause a person to be re-surrendered to the court system with no premium refund.

If all goes as planned, and the defendant appears in court on their appointed court date without any additional violations, the bail money will then be returned as they go through the court process. While bail bonds may seem like a complicated idea, they are actually quite simple and provide a great deal of help for those with loved ones in the court system. For any additional questions you may have about bail bonds or bail in the state of North Carolina, simply contact us today at Amistad to learn more.