How Bail Bonds Work for Domestic Violence


how bail bonds work

There were a little over 22,000 aggravated assault arrests and 24 murders involving spouses in North Carolina in 2012.

There are times in one’s life that you need the advice of your mom, some from your dad, and there are other times that require the assistance of a bail bondsman.

If you find yourself arrested on a domestic violence charge I would imagine you might want all three. But, most important would be the bail bondsman.

You also would want to know how bail bonds work. Well, that’s what we are covering today, how bail bonds work for domestic violence arrests.

The Initial Pre-Trial Hearing

Being arrested for domestic violence guarantees that you will need to attend a pre-trial hearing before trying to bond out of jail.

The only person that can determine if you have the right to be released on bail is that judge.

Because of the violent nature of the crime, some defendants find themselves remanded to custody. Others have stipulations of their release such as:

  • Staying away from the property, workplace, school, etc. of the alleged victim
  • Refrain from removing or damaging any property of the alleged victim
  • Other specific stipulations pertaining to your case

Legally, they can only hold you for 48 hours prior to a determination being made by a judge regarding bail.

How To Get A Bail Bond and How Bail Bonds Work

If you have never been arrested before it can be incredibly overwhelming. It’s good to understand how bail bonds work and how to get one before ever having a chance of getting arrested.

Once the judge determines your bail, there are four ways you can pay:

  • Cash
  • Secured Bail Bonds
  • Unsecured Bail Bonds
  • Signature or Own Recognizance

When you can’t afford to pay the entire bail is when you need a bail bond.

You can obtain a secured bail bond by offering a piece of property equal to the value of the bail. If you don’t have that you can use a bail bonds service.

You must provide 15% of the total bail to the bail bonds service, the bail bonds service will pay the court the remaining bail and guarantee your arrival for your court date.

If you show up to court you get your money back after the case is complete and everyone is happy.

What Happens if I Fail to Appear to Court

A warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Once that warrant is issued you won’t only have the police looking for you but the bail bonds service too. Not ideal.

Make your court date. It’s in everyone’s best interest and can look favorable to the court that you are cooperating.

Sometimes things get out of hand and people make mistakes. Keeping these things in mind will at least keep you clued into how bail bonds work should you find yourself arrested.

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