Getting Your Loved One Out Of Jail

When a loved one has been arrested, you’re going to want to get them out of jail and returned quickly. There is nothing pleasant about these situations, and they are often very stressful for all involved. Being arrested on suspicion of a crime, and awaiting a trial date while in a jail facility, can be a harrowing experience for the person affected and their families, but bail bonds allow them to return home quickly on the promise they’ll appear before the court.

Bail is an agreement that states a person may come home and be trusted to appear before the court when the date of their trial comes. If the trial date rolls around and the individual appears for all court dates without violating any conditions, the bail premium will be returned to the individual who posted the amount, but if the defendant fails to appear, it will be kept. Bail bonds make posting bail much easier for those who have a loved one who has been recently arrested, and the make the process affordable when it comes to getting the individual back home.

The time a person has to post bail may vary, and you can have a loved one out of jail in as little as a half of an hour, or they could be forced to wait for as many as 24 hours before bail may return them home, and this all depends on several factors. The bail amount will also vary, and it may be higher with suspicion of committing serious crimes or a history of previous arrests, and bail may not be able to be posted at all if the defendant has violated his or her bail terms in the past.

When a loved one winds up in jail for any reason, it’s important to get them out promptly and allow them to return home until their trial begins. This can allow for a much easier situation for both the defendant and their families, and can provide ample peace of mind that the loved one is safe. At Amistad Bail and Immigration Bonds, we can answer all types of questions regarding bail and the bail bonding system, and to learn more simply check us out at