Do You Need to Hire a DUI Attorney?

Getting charged with DUI is a trying time. Emotions run high, futures seem uncertain, and it’s common to feel like you’re in it alone. People make mistakes, and at such a crucial junction it’s important to have some looking out for your best interests.

You need to hire a DUI attorney.

The court system is unforgiving, and DUI has real consequences. People can and do go to jail. You can also lose your job, license, and other rights depending on the circumstances.

Let’ look at exactly why you need to hire a DUI attorney for your case.

DUI Attorney vs. Public Defender

Everyone arrested for a crime gets assigned a public defender to handle their case. And while public defenders are good attorney’s, they’re often overworked and don’t have the time to devote the necessary manpower to your case.

A public defender is also probably not specialized in handling DUI. Like any law, DUI law is complex and is full of technicalities an experienced attorney can use to help your case.

Hiring a DUI attorney means getting representation that’s experienced in handling the nuances of DUI law. The best chance of fighting your charge means letting someone with experience take the case.

Reducing Your Charges

Reducing your charges is often the best option before going to trial. While a trial can help in some cases, if the evidence against you is strong, sometimes a plea bargain is the best option to avoid strict penalties.


DUI penalties often include loss of license, a fine, probation, minor jail time, alcohol classes, car breathalyzers, and victim impact panels. However, penalties are variable and enforced on a case-by-case basis.

Arguing the Details

DUI lawyers know what to argue in your specific case. They’ll look at breathalyzer records for accuracy, contest road-side tests, and even argue your character. All of these things can help the case go in your favor.

A DUI lawyer can also attend a DMV license suspension hearing. They’ll fight your right to retain your license before a conviction.

If all goes well, the criminal charges might get dropped, or reduced…

Plea Bargains

An attorney can help plea bargain with local district attorneys the help reduce your charges to something manageable. They’ll know who’s who at the courthouse and have good working relationships with the DA.

These bargains mean getting your charges reduced, or your DUI dropped to a lesser infraction. Jail time and probation are avoidable, alcohol classes skipped, and fines reduced.

The Arrest Aftermath

But before you ever get to needing an attorney, you’ll need to deal with the arrest aftermath. This means getting out of jail and collecting yourself.

The best way to to this happen cheaply and quickly? A bail bondsman. Bail bondsman can get people out of jail fast.

If you or a loved one has been arrested and are looking for a bail bondsmen, consider getting in contact with us.

We offer fair prices and work make navigating the legal system as easy as possible.