Deciding Whether or Not to Post Bail

It’s the rare client that happily looks to post bail or enter a contract with a bail bondsman. So, if you are in the uncomfortable position of having been asked by a loved one to secure their release from jail, understand that you are not alone. We’ve had more than one hesitant sister or flummoxed parent that was not completely sure they even wanted to take on this new responsibility reluctantly showing up in our offices. Though we would never want to push you into a situation that you didn’t feel completely comfortable with, as licensed bail agents we are bound to fully explain the process and implications of the contractual bail agreement with you and hopefully that will help with making this very important decision.

The relationship between you, your family and your bail bondsman in Wake County can, at times, become a fairly intimate one. Depending on stipulations set by the court, the defendant could be held answering to their bond agent too. Plus, you have a lot on the line so working closely with a bond agent, striving to ensure that all requirements are complied to by the defendant, is in your best interest. With court cases being backed up for years in some areas, working with a bond agent should be considered to be a somewhat long-term commitment.

A few considerations that must be taken first:

  • How well do you know the defendant?
  • Are you confident that defendant will show for court?
  • Do you know of any past arrests and have they satisfied their case with the court system?
  • If bail forfeits, are you able to pay the entire bond?
  • If you are not able to pay bond forfeiture, are you willing to lose collateral or negatively impact your credit?

Take your time and consider all the implications before entering a bail contract. As bail agents, we hope to help you attain the quick and simple release of your loved one from jail but in only the most beneficial of ways. For more information, call Amistad Bail and Immigration Bonds in Wake County NC a private free consultation 24 hours a day.

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