6 Bail Bond Mistakes You Should Never Make

The number of arrests in North Carolina is on the rise, with over 241,000 people arrested annually for various offenses. While getting arrested can be an overwhelming experience for defendants and their families, they can seek a solution with the help of bail bonds. A bail bond allows an alleged offender to get out of jail as they await their trial. It is a form of surety bond underwritten by a bail bondsman to guarantee that the defendant will attend all Court hearings on time. Bail bonds play a crucial role in the legal system, but navigating the process can be tricky. To ensure a smooth experience, it is critical to avoid common mistakes that may lead to unnecessary complications. Let’s break down potential bail bond mistakes so you know how to avoid them!

1. Delaying the Process

If you or your loved one is in jail, there is no time to waste! You should immediately contact a licensed bail bond agent to initiate the process. Many people make a significant mistake by not contacting a bail bond professional as soon as they get news of the arrest. Defendants and their family members often feel too stressed or panicked to decide the next step. This delay can prove costly by prolonging the defendant’s time in jail.

You can avoid this mistake by searching for a “bail bondsman near meand contacting a bail bond agent in your area to jumpstart the formalities. Top bail bond services in North Carolina are available 24/7, and you can reach out anytime to seek their help.

2. Hiring an Inexperienced Bail Bond Agent

Many people run into issues when they hire an inexperienced bail bond professional. Such a person can worsen your chances and complicate the bail bonding process. Hence, when you search for “bail bonds near me“, you should shortlist expert bail bond agents with adequate experience in your area. Doing so will help you streamline the process and ensure a seamless experience.

3. Lying to the Bail Bondsman

Once you contact a bail bond agent, they will ask you several questions to understand the situation and initiate the process. A common mistake that many people make is lying to the professionals. You may think a harmless lie is fine, but it can derail the process and cause complications later. For example, if you lie about your criminal record, this lie can negatively affect the bail process and reduce your reliability as a defendant.

4. Filling Inaccurate Details

Sometimes, defendants make mistakes while filing the documentation for bail. However, even an innocent mistake can cause issues in the long run. Court officials usually verify the details and flag errors in these documents. If you make a mistake, law enforcement officials can use it against you during the trial to prove you are dishonest and unreliable. Hence, you should double-check everything while filling out the details.

5. Offending the Co-Signer

An eligible person among the defendant’s loved ones may co-sign the bail bond. By co-signing, this person accepts a financial obligation to the Court authorities and takes responsibility for ensuring the defendant’s compliance with bail terms. If you offend your co-signer, they may contact the bail bond company and withdraw their responsibility if the contract allows. Losing their support can also prove to be costly during the trial.

6. Failing to Follow Bail Terms

Your bail bond may be revoked if you violate the bail terms after you get out of jail. Failing to attend Court hearings and committing other offenses can get you in trouble. In severe cases, the authorities may take you back to jail!

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