3 Common Bail Bond Questions Answered

There are a lot of questions that surround bail bonds, and very rarely do families take the time to research bail bonds before they’re required to bring home a loved one. By learning about bail bonds, you can work to make an informed decision if you ever find yourself in need of a bail bond for someone you love, and we want to help you learn by outlining 3 of the most common questions we’re asked about the bail bonding process. These 3 questions and answers are:

1. What does a bail bond guarantee?A bail bond is a guarantee, and what that guarantee is exactly is that the defendant will appear to further court hearings as scheduled. When out on bail, he or she may be able to return home to their families, but the bail will be forfeited should they flee or fail to appear in court.

2. When is collateral necessary?Collateral is necessary when the bail amounts are on the higher side, and collateral typically isn’t required for lower bail bond amounts. Collateral of any sort of asset may be offered, and this can include equity, real estate, vehicles, or anything else that could make up the necessary bail amount.

3. How soon can bail be posted? We understand that having a loved one detained is a harrowing experience, and that you’ll want to bring them home straight away. The amount of time it takes for bail to be posted and a loved one to be released can vary greatly between an hour or so, to a day or so, but the bail experience is typically rather quick.

When you know a little bit about the bail bonding process, you can be better prepared in the event that you ever need to obtain a bail bond for a loved one. These simple questions are some of the most common that get asked by those requiring a bail bond, and knowing their answers can clear the air to what the bail bonding process is really all about.

Having a loved one arrested and detained is stressful, but a bail bond can help to ease this stress and get them back home. There are plenty of questions that revolve around the bail bonding process, and we’re prepared to answer them all. To learn more about bail bonds or the bail bond process, simply contact us at AmistadBailBonds.com today.