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Getting someone you love released on bond may seem like a daunting and complicated process. Here at Amistad Bail Bonds we understand that this is an emotional time for your family and we are ready to help with a variety of bail bond solutions.

Calling an immigration bail bonds company is not necessarily a “fun” thing to do. In fact, it can be a very stressful. Most people never imagine having to put themselves in a situation where they need to speak with an immigration bail bondsman, and when they do, they quickly find that they know very little about how the process actually works.

Amistad Bail Bonds is committed to seeing qualified bail bond agents throughout our state. That's why we are actively looking for dedicated people with a burning desire to start their own business. You don't need to be licensed already, Amistad will train you using time tested methods to give you the tools you need to reach the level of success you deserve.

In times of trouble you need someone you trust on your side. At Amistad Bail Bonds being that someone lies at the heart of everything we do. Our guarantee of high quality service and reliability keeps us Raleigh, North Carolina's number one choice for all types of bail bond service.

The fastest and most reliable bail bonds in Raleigh can only be provided by Amistad Bail Bonds. We understand the urgency of getting a loved one out of jail. Our staff is committed to helping you and your loved ones get through this difficult time as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves on proving the best customer service.

Amistad Bail Bonds Raleigh NC maintains a pool of experienced professionals whose expertise include exceptional, fast and reliable customer service. Our team of agents are trustworthy, responsive and diligent experts in posting bail. Our expertise makes us the most sought after bail bond service provider in all 100 counties in the state of North Carolina. With our trusted team, you can rest assured that Amistad can have your loved one out of jail in no time.

  • Amistad can post bails for all offenses including, but are not limited to:
    • Drug related offenses, Traffic related arrests including Drunk Driving, DUI/DWI related offenses
    • Domestic Violence and Spousal Abuse related arrests
    • Prostitution Solicitation offenses and many other offenses
  • All and any bond size – Amistad can post bonds of any size including $500 bonds
  • Transfer bail bonds
  • 24/7 Free consultation –We do not charge for consultations!
  • Spanish Speaking Representatives
  • Payment Schemes include:
    • Zero down payment Plans (Wake County Only)
    • Payment and eSignature of all required documentation via email
    • All major credit cards, American express included
  • Lowest bail bond rates

Amistad Bail Bonds is committed to helping you through the bail process and bond reduction down to the court appearance details. We are determined to make sure that we not only bail the person out, but keep them out of jail by providing the necessary legal information.

Call Amistad today at (919) 790-6887. Our bail bond experts are here to help!


Amistad Bail Bonds Service concentrates our business efforts on providing bail bond services within Raleigh, North Carolina and its surrounding areas. We take pride in being the most reliable, trustworthy, responsive and caring bondsman in Raleigh. With us on your side, you don’t have to worry about a loved one spending another hour in jail.

Contact Amistad today at (919) 790-6887 to find out how we can help you!