Why You Should Show Up For Court

When a person gets arrested, there are many situations in which they must post bail in order to be released. This bail is basically an assurance that the person will show up as scheduled to their future court hearing. When the person shows up to all his appearances and completes his case entirely, the bail money will be given back. If they don’t show up for court, they will not receive the money and a warrant for their arrest is issued. And that is where a whole new world of trouble opens up.

Don’t Skip

There are a few reasons why a person would skip court; the main reason being fear of a conviction and jail time. Those who face a DWI conviction might be afraid of losing their license, while other people might skip because they left town hoping that the law will forget about them. Still others might have simple, legitimate excuses for missing court such as illness or not having a way to get there. No matter what the reason, missing your appointed hearing is never a good idea and it can lead to a lot of worse problems such as:

A warrant for your arrest will be issued. Going forward, even if you get pulled over for a traffic infraction, you will be taken immediately to jail.
Your judge can remove possibility of future release until your trial is over.
You can face an additional charge of contempt of court, which includes fines and possible jail time.
It looks bad to the judge, who has a fair amount of discretion over your case. Lack of remorse can get you a harsher punishment in some courts.
The best thing that you can do for yourself and for your family, is to show up as scheduled to your future hearings until the issue is resolved. If you have a legitimate reason for missing your hearing, contact the court as soon as possible to make other arrangements.

Posting Bail

If you have trouble coming up with your bail in the first place, a bail bondsman in Graham NC can help. At Amistad Bail and Immigration Bonds, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to get you out of jail and back to where you should be. You simply pay a small percentage of your set bail up front and we pay the entire amount of bail to the court. At that point, we’ll be sure that you keep your scheduled court appearance so that you stay out of trouble and avoid future repercussions.

Remember, it might not always be easy to do the right thing, but the right things is always the best thing to do.