What Types of Immigration Bonds are Available in North Carolina?

Bail bonds. It is an important service in the United States. This can be the last lifeline for people who are arrested to get out of jail and seek legal help.

There are nearly 9,000 bail bond services in the United States.

One thing that a bail bondsman will do for someone is give them immigration bonds. However, this is a subject that can get complicated depending on your case.

What is an immigration bond? How many different types of immigration bonds are there? How can they help you?

This is your guide.

What Are Immigration Bonds?

Before we can go into what type of immigration bonds you can get, you must understand what an immigration bond is. Essentially, this is just like a regular bail bond, only it is specifically designed for immigrants facing legal trouble.

So, imagine that you are an immigrant in the United States and you get arrested by ICE. The group then detains you and you are not living in the best conditions. Not only this, but you need to get out of jail to make sure that you find a good lawyer to represent you.

This is where an immigration bond can help someone. The bond will be posted to make sure that an immigrant in legal trouble can get out of jail. That person will have to put up a certain amount of money themselves depending on what their crime is.

Then, depending on what legal mess you are in, you can have the money returned to you once your case has been resolved. If your case does not get resolved or you violate the terms of the bail, then you will not get your money back.

Essentially, this gives immigrants a chance to make arrangements without having to spend time in an uncomfortable or unpleasant detention center.

Types of Immigration Bonds

Now that you have an idea of what immigration bonds do, we can start discussing the different types of immigration bonds in more detail. There are two different types of immigration bonds that you need to be aware of.

Departure Bonds

This is the first type of immigration bond that is available for you. If you want to create less work or have a cheaper bail bond, this could be the way to go for you.

So, what does this bond do? This is essentially an agreement that you are going to voluntarily leave the United States.

Some immigrants do this to avoid having a deportation record. Other immigrants do this because they feel that this is the faster route to getting out of a detention center and potentially fighting their legal battle from the outside.

It tends to be cheaper because it is an agreement to leave the country rather than the government risking your escaping and putting you back in jail. During the Trump administration, this became a very popular option for immigrants facing legal trouble.

The number of immigrants that applied for a departure bond doubled during the Trump administration compared to the previous administration. This could mean that more immigrants found their causes to be hopeless without fighting from the outside or people had other arrangements in their home countries.

It is a good option for those that want to get out of a detention center as quickly and as cleanly as possible. It is also a good option for those that have roots in their native lands and who can go back and have a life in their home countries. While this is not possible for everybody, your situation may benefit from this type of arrangement.

Delivery Bonds

On the other hand, delivery bonds are much closer to regular bail bonds. What we mean by this is that the only key difference is that you are dealing with a detention center rather than a jail. On top of this, it is specifically for immigration cases.

These tend to be more serious cases than departure bonds because ICE and other groups may consider these people a danger to society if they do not let them voluntarily leave the country. What this means is that this type of bond is likely to be the more expensive option.

An example could be if you are an immigrant that got caught selling any amount of heroin. Given the severity of the charge and how dangerous heroin is considered on the streets, the proper authorities may not be willing to let this person out of jail so easily.

What this means is that bail is going to be set higher and there will be different rules for this case. An example could be that the immigrant has to show up for every trial they are scheduled for and every check-in with police. If they fail to do this, then the bail bond could become null and void.

So, depending on the circumstances, this may be the only type of bail bond available for some immigrants.

Hire a Bail Bondsman

These are the two types of immigration bonds that you need to be aware of in North Carolina.

Depending on your case, it may be a simple departure bond where you are allowed to return to your native country. However, more serious cases may need delivery bonds so law enforcement can keep a closer eye on certain immigrants.

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