What Happens When You’re Arrested And Placed On Immigration Hold

When a non-citizen has been involved with a criminal case, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will often place an immigration hold or an immigration detainer on the suspect in order for the ICE to take them into custody or begin an investigation after they are released.

Regardless of whether the charges are serious, the immigration authorities are likely to be notified or discover that the non-citizen is in jail causing them to place an immigration hold on the suspect at any time during their detention. Often these holds can be put in place before the non-citizen even has a chance to post bail, but it can sometimes occur farther along.

If the non-citizen ends up being put on immigration hold, they will be held for an additional 48 hours after bail has been posted or after being released and at some point within this period of time, the person will end up being surrendered to immigration custody. This can be increasingly risky for their immigration status and may even cause greater issues later on.

You need to consult with an immigration attorney immediately!

The best course of action that a non-citizen needs to take to avoid the placement of an immigration hold is to contact an attorney to quickly secure release before the hold can be put in place. Using this method, the non-citizen will not have to face the issues involved with an immigration hold.

However, not just any lawyer will be able to do the job effectively. You should make sure to contact an attorney that has plenty of experience with both criminal law and immigration law to ensure that there will be no costly mistakes made along the way.

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