What are the Advantage of Using a Bonding Company to Pay Bail?

Have you ever pondered the pros and cons of bail bonds? Whether it’s you or someone you know who could use one, the term can be confusing.

In laymen’s terms, a bail bond is a set dollar amount that when paid, allows you to go free until your court date. If it’s not paid, you’re awaiting trial in jail.

When weighing your options, you may not think it’s that bad. When, on the contrary, it’s worse than what you imagine in your head.

At any given time, there are approximately 450,000 people sitting in jail cells, waiting for trial. If that shocking statistic doesn’t alarm you, we’ll go over a few more reasons as to why you should use a bonding company.

Take a look.

You Can Build Your Case

If you’ve been apprehended for a serious charge, you and your attorney will need time to build your case. That means gathering evidence, finding witnesses, and checking alibis.

When you’re sitting in jail, it’s hard for your attorney to do that. And if your trial is a ways away, having your freedom will allow you to work on your defense.

Keep Your Situation on the Down Low

Not everyone needs to know your business. And explaining to someone how you’ve been arrested or that there’s a warrant out for you is embarrassing.

When working with a bonding company, only a select amount of people will know what happened. Once you know your set bond amount, it can be paid quickly before the word gets out.

Keep Your Job

Speaking of quickly paying your bond, when you do, you won’t have to miss work. Missing work can lead to questions which can lead to your unemployment.

Some companies will dismiss employees who have committed a crime. On the other hand, there is no law or rule set in place that committing a crime is an automatic firing.

Avoid Jail Time Even if You Can’t Afford Your Bond

The great thing about a bonding company is that they can pay the bond for you. There are a few ways they go about that, though.

Some will require you to pay a set amount up front. This could be anything from a quarter of the amount to half of it.

Or, you have to put up collateral. That might be your house or your car–something of good value that you’ll want to get back.

Another way to avoid jail is to get a surety bond. If you’re unfamiliar with this term, it means that you won’t have to pay anything. But there’s a catch.

If you fail to show up for your court date, that full bond amount is owed. So even if a friend gets the bond for you, that friend then has to pay it because of your absence.

Wrapping Up on Using a Bonding Company

Jail time is nothing to consider. You won’t be sitting in a cell by yourself but with others who are awaiting trial, no matter their offense.

Avoid going to jail altogether. Getting a bond will save you time and money.

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