What Are Immigration Bonds?

Immigration bail bonds are quite a bit different from standard bail bonds, and these have to do with those who have been arrested and detained for immigration related offenses. If a loved one is arrested and held for reasons relating to their immigration status, an immigration bond can help to bring them home to be with you until their court date arises. Just as there are different types of bail bonds, there are different types of immigration bonds, and it can really help to learn a bit about these types of bonds before finding yourself potentially in need of one.

There are two basic types of immigration bonds to learn about, and these are delivery bonds and voluntary departure bonds. With delivery bonds, a person who has been detained by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials may be released on a delivery bond if he or she receives an arrest warrant and has a notice of custody conditions. With this delivery bond, the arrested person agrees to attend all coming immigration hearings, and if this does not occur, the bond amount will not be refunded. While released on this type of bond, the formerly detained person may choose to seek counsel with an immigration attorney.

A voluntary departure bond allows a person detained by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to leave the country on their own accord, and the bond amount will be refundable once the person in question makes their exit from the United States. If the person stays within the country, the bond amount will be forfeited, and all chances for a refund will be lost.

Immigration bonds can vary greatly in cost, just like typical bail bonds, and your particular situation will determine what sized bond you’re looking at. Both cash bonds and surety bonds are available in immigration bonds, which allow you to either raise the bond money in cash or use assets as a matter of collateral.

There are various situations that may lead a family to be in need of an immigration bond, and we at Amistad Bail and Immigration Bonds are here to help. Immigration bonds can help to make a difficult situation easier, and get family members home where they need to be before attending their hearings. Whether you require an immigration bond right away, or you simply have questions about the immigration bond process, contact us at AmistadBailBonds.com to learn more today.