Understanding Immigration Bonds And When You May Need One

Is your loved one currently in the custody of immigration officials — the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement service, also known as “ICE”? If so, you will need to make some special bond arrangements in order to secure a pre-hearing release.

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The Different Types Of Immigration Bonds

If your loved one is considered a foreign national, it may be possible that he or she will be released on “personal recognizance,” which means that no bail is required. However, this is becoming more and more rare.

The two types of immigration bonds are:

Delivery Bond

A delivery bond is the kind of bond you would ideally want to receive in any immigration case. A delivery bond is an amount of money that serves as a guarantee to ICE that the affected person will attend all immigration hearings as scheduled. In effect, this kind of bond is one that’s similar to bonds in other situations.

Voluntary Departure Bond

A voluntary departure bond is generally the less preferable option. With a voluntary departure bond, a certain amount of money is paid as a guarantee that the person will leave the country voluntarily by a certain date. The amount is repaid by ICE when evidence is furnished that the person has left the country according to the given schedule.

Immigration Bonds Are Based On “Flight Risk”

Naturally, someone plans to consult with an immigration lawyer and challenge the grounds on which he or she was detained, then a delivery bond would be necessary. This gives an affected individual time to seek counsel.

Immigration bonds are based on the level of “flight risk” that officials believe someone presents. Flight risk is simply the likelihood that the person will fail to follow official orders, such as going to hearings, by evading authorities.

Typically, the minimums are as follows:

— For a delivery bond: $1,500
— For a voluntary departure bond: $500

The government may take 12 months or more to return money that someone has provided as a bond, so it is very important to use a trusted, state licensed bail bond agent.

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