The Role of Bail Bonds in Drug-Related Arrests in NC

North Carolina’s legal system views drug abuse as a serious offense. Getting arrested on a drug-related charge can be scary and confusing for the accused and their loved ones. However, it is crucial to focus on the best way forward by arranging bail and seeking legal representation. If your loved one gets arrested on a drug charge in North Carolina, you can contact a bail bondsman in Raleigh, NC for immediate help! They can post a bail bond on behalf of the arrested person and help them secure release from jail. How does this work and what role do bail bonds play in drug-related arrests? Let’s break it down.

Drug-Related Arrests: An Overview

Drug abuse is a major concern across the US, with over 1.16 million American arrested annually on drug-related charges. Although the number of drug-related arrests has fallen over the years, it continues to be alarmingly high. Drug possession and trafficking pose a significant challenge to the US authorities as they try to crack down on these offenses.

Drug Statistics

What Does the Law Say about Drug-Related Arrests in North Carolina?

Drug-related offenses in North Carolina can be categorized into two types. The first category deals with simple possessions. The second category focuses on drug possession with an intent to manufacture, deliver, or sell. Drug trafficking is a more serious offense than simple possession, leading to harsher penalties according to state and federal laws.

The punishment for drug-related charges varies according to considerations like the type of drug and the total quantity seized. The drugs are categorized into Schedules I, II, III, IV, and IV based on their potential for abuse, the scope for medical use, and overall safety level. Moreover, the legal recourse for drug-related charges may also vary depending on whether the person was arrested in active or constructive possession. While active possession means that they had the drugs on their person, constructive possession means that the drugs were found in their belongings or places they could access.

What to Do When Your Loved One Gets Arrested on a Drug Charge?

When arrested for a drug-related offense, the accused can seek a legal solution by hiring an attorney and contesting the charges in Court. However, the first and most important step before preparing the defense is to contact a bail bond agent to facilitate their release.

You can contact a reliable bail bonding company for bail bonds in Raleigh, NC to fast-track the process. Bail for a drug charge is often expensive, depending on the type of drug and the nature of the case. In such situations, a licensed bail bondsman can help you with an affordable solution. You can pay a small percentage of the bail sum as a fee to the agent for their service. Then, they can secure bail on your behalf to help the accused get out of jail.

Opting for a bail bond helps the arrested person reunite with their family and work on their legal defense from the comfort of their home. They can prepare more effectively for trial and experience peace of mind after securing release. If you need help to bail your loved one out after their arrest on a drug-related charge, contact the Amistad team today! They offer Raleigh bail bonds for various offenses and expedite the release from jail.