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It’s easy to secure bail bonds in Anderson County, SC when you know where to get help. At Amistad Bail Bonds, we hasten the process so you can get the bail bond you need regardless of the time or day.

The need for bail bonds can occur anytime — and usually at inconvenient times. Our Anderson County bail bond agents are readily available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our payment plans are flexible.

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Affordable Bail Bond Options in Anderson County

Amistad Bail Bonds has a team of responsive bail bond agents who operate beyond regular business hours. Your loved one would be able to go home in the quickest time possible, no matter what time you reach out to our agents in Anderson County.

You can call us anytime to negotiate your bail bond needs and we’ll readily answer. To make things easier for you, we also provide low down payment options. All our payment plan options include:

  • No credit checks
  • 0% interest rates
  • As low as 5% down payment for bonds $50,000 and higher (must qualify)
  • Payment plans tailored to each client’s budget

To secure bail bonds, you need to pass the following qualifications:

  • At least 21 years old
  • Ownership of an open checking account
  • Verifiable monthly salary of at least $2,000
  • Employment in the same job for at least 12 straight months

To make the process more convenient for you, we’re going digital. We ask for your eSignature on all documents. All our payments are made online, too.

About Anderson County, SC

A couple of centuries ago, Anderson County was a center of mining and pearling. Now, it has risen to become an industrial and technological powerhouse. The county’s economy remains stable because of automotive products, machinery, metal products, plastics, and textiles.

The diversity in Anderson County doesn’t end with what it offers to the economy, though. It has ethnically diverse communities. It also has a relatively balanced community of wealthy and middle-class residents.

Nevertheless, people should remain alert about crime rates and arrest rates. In the City of Anderson, for example, there’s still a high rate of arrests for violent and property crimes. It’s important to keep in mind that people make mistakes and misunderstandings may occur. These incidents result in jail time until a bail hearing. Let us help you get out of a situation like this.

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About the Bail Bond Process

People who have been accused of serious charges are required to stay in jail until their hearing. But there is usually a bail hearing shortly after the arrest, where a judge sets the total bail amount. If paid on time, this bail serves as a guarantee to the court that an individual doesn’t have to stay in jail until the trial date.

Of course, the person who has been charged will still attend necessary court activities. The court will return the bail only after the trial has concluded. If the person who has been charged doesn’t attend their trial, or if they get arrested again while they’re out on bail, the bail money is automatically forfeited to the court, then to the state.

There are many ways to post bail. First is cash bail which is a full cash payment by a friend, relative, or associate. Second is property bail — using assets as collateral, instead of cash. Third, you can get in touch with our bail bond agent in Anderson County to help you settle the bail amount.

We provide various financing options for our clients. For example, you can pay zero down if the situation allows. Or, you can pay the full amount upfront if it’s what you prefer. In most cases, however, we would require a 15% payment upfront. Our agents do our best to help get your loved one out of jail.

Reliable Service in the Entire County

Bail bonds can be a cost-efficient alternative to traditional cash bail or property bail. But you have to work with agents who are well-versed in the legal system and the bail release process. At Amistad Bail Bonds, we process the necessary paperwork to secure your loved one’s release in no time.

Our 24-hour bail bond services are available throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. We have a team of bail bond agents situated in Anderson County for your convenience. Our team understands the time-sensitivity of your situation, so we take immediate action as soon as you contact us.

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