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Licensed Bail Agent

Tamiko Adams

Bail Bond License #:20122824

Date Licensed: Nov 18, 2021

Get to Know Tamiko Adams, Our Licensed Bail Bond Agent

Tamiko Adams has stellar customer service skills and more than eight years of experience in the insurance industry. She ensures that your bail is processed smoothly and swiftly. She dedicates her expertise to helping others because she believes in giving back to the community.

The Bail Bond Process

A bail bond hearing is held 24-48 hours after an arrest. The amount is determined by the alleged crime, circumstances, repeated offenses, and other factors. The defendant can go free until the day of the trial if they pay the bail. However, posting bail can be financially challenging. Amistad Bail Bonds offers bail bond services, where you pay 15% of the bail and we will initially shoulder the full amount. With our help, you or your loved one can get out of jail until the next court date.

Amistad’s Payment Plan Options

Choose the payment plan that suits you best. We offer various flexible options with zero interest. If your bail goes over $10,000, you can avail 5% down bail bond.

24/7 Bail Bond Services

You can contact Tamiko via phone or email at any time of the day. Her familiarity with York County allows her to arrive at the courthouse as soon as possible and bail out clients quickly.

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