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Licensed Bail Agent

Sean Slingerland

Bail Bond License #:19504883

Date Licensed: 06-01-2020

Sean Slingerland is originally from New York and moved to North Carolina in 2010. A retiree, he coaches high school and youth sports groups in Cabarrus County and Stanly County. He mainly provides bail bonds services in Albemarle in Stanly County, but he can also assist clients from the Piedmont Region including Charlotte, Concord, Monroe, Troy, Asheboro, and Lexington. Sean hopes to offer his services to clients across the entire State of North Carolina.

Professional Bail Bonds Services in Albemarle

The quaint town of Albemarle has a population of over 16,000 and is home to many retirees. The city boasts of affordable public schools (which are rated above-average), a pleasant climate (from April to May and September to October), numerous parks, shaded, walkable streets, and a highly suburban feel. Albemarle also has one of the country’s highest crime rates. People who become involved in misdemeanors and must be taken into custody can seek bail assistance from Amistad Bail Bonds‘ Sean Slingerland.

Obtain Temporary Freedom through Bail Bonds

People who are taken into custody must wait for a judge to decide if the crime they are accused of is bailable. If it is, the judge will declare the required bail within the next 24 hours. If the detainee cannot raise the full amount, he or she can enlist the services of a bail bonds agent. Amistad Bail Bonds settles the bail in full after receiving a minimal down payment. After we post bail, the detainee can go home, but is duty-bound to appear on his or her appointed court date.

Get in Touch with Amistad Bail Bonds

No one has to spend more time in jail than is necessary. If an offense is bailable, the detained has every right to pay bail and gain temporary freedom. When you or someone you know is in this situation and money is proving to be a problem, Amistad Bail Bonds can help. We offer affordable bail bonds services in Albemarle, Asheboro, Charlotte, Concord, Lexington, Monroe, and Troy.
  • 5% down payment (for bonds over $10,000 and other conditions)
  • Flexible and easy payment options
  • Financing at 0% interest rates
  • 24/7 bail bonds services
Stay in the comfort of your home, in the company of the people you love while waiting for your court date. Call or email Amistad Bail Bonds today.

Albemarle, NC, USA

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