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Licensed Bail Agent

Rafael Vargas

Bail Bond License #:10432050

Date Licensed: 03-30-2020

Rafael Vargas moved to the country over two decades ago with the aim of helping his community. He has served the people of Aiken County through various community-based projects. As one of Amistad Bail Bonds’ licensed bail agents, he wants to help individuals and families get through difficult times.

Affordable Bail Bond Services in Aiken County, South Carolina

Aiken County is home to several historical landmarks, making it a popular tourist destination in the state. With three major cities and seven towns, it has a sizeable population that continues to grow every year. To encourage a safe and fair environment to enable the county’s economic growth and development, law and order is a key function of the authorities. If someone is accused of a crime, they often qualify for bail. Amistad Bail Bonds provides affordable bail bond services to Aiken County. Our resident representative, Rafael Vargas, is available to help you with your legal needs. He extends his services to surrounding counties, such as Edgefield, Saluda, Lexington, and Barnwell County.

Our Bail Bond Process

An accused individual for a bailable crime has the option to avoid jail time. When they post their bail, they are free to wait for their trial date at home. However, the bail amount is often beyond the accused individual’s financial capacity. Amistad Bail Bonds provides these individuals with the financial solutions they need. We will post the bail in full to the court. We collect 15% of the bail amount from the client as a guarantee for the service.

Our Payment Options

Amistad Bail Bonds offers several payment options to accommodate our clients’ different financial situations.
  • We provide zero credit checks and interest rates.
  • We offer free consultations to everyone.
  • We take 5% off bail bonds that have flexible payment plans.
Rafael Vargas is available 24/7. Feel free to get in touch with him or the Amistad Bail Bonds team today.

Windsor, SC 29856, USA

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