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Licensed Bail Agent

Katonya Williams

Bail Bond License #:18976321

Date Licensed: Nov 20, 2018

Meet Katonya Williams, One of Our Reliable Bail Bond Agents

Katonya Williams is a bail bond agent with the expertise to quickly get your loved one out of jail and the empathy to provide quality customer service. She’ll ensure a speedy a bail bond process and create a payment plan that works with your circumstances.

Katonya Williams provides bail bond services in Clinton, Sampson County. Other areas she serves include:
  • Goldsboro, Wayne County
  • Smithfield, Johnston County
  • Kenansville, Duplin County
  • Elizabethtown, Bladen County

How Bail Bonds Work

After an arrest, a judge decides whether the defendant should be assigned a bail and at what amount based on the alleged crime committed and the circumstances that surround it.

By paying the bail, a defendant assures the court that they will show up to their trial. Once paid, the court will allow the defendant to go free until then. However, not everyone is able to pay the full amount.

Amistad Bail Bonds will help get your loved one out of jail by paying the full bail amount for you. We require only 15% of the bail from you.

Keep in mind though that this amount is non-refundable. This is unlike when you pay the bail yourself and get the bail amount back when you show up at court.

Flexible Payment Plans

We can adjust our payment plans according to your circumstances. Our bail bonds have zero interest, and you can get a 5% down bail bond if your bail is more than $10,000. Depending on the amount of the bail, we might also require collateral.

Available 24/7

Katonya is ready to provide assistance at all times and will process your loved one’s bail as quickly as possible. Get in touch with Amistad Bail Bonds for more details.

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