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Licensed Bail Agent

Christina Sagala

Bail Bond License #:19986723

Date Licensed: April 28, 2021

Get to Know One of Our Licensed Bail Agents, Christina Sagala

You’ll only get top-notch bail bond services when you work with Christina Sagala. She serves Statesville, Iredell County and in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County. Christina brings with her a disciplined and efficient work ethic. She’ll process your loved one’s bail in no time, get them out of jail, and reunite them with you.   You can get Christina Sagala to process bails in Statesville, Iredell County and Charlotte, Mecklenburg County. Other areas she provides her services in:
  • Concord, Cabarrus County
  • Salisbury, Rowan
  • Taylorsville, Alexander County

How a Bail Bond Helps You

A bail hearing takes place approximately 48 hours after an arrest, during which a bail amount is decided based on the nature of the alleged crime. Several factors like flight risk and criminal history will affect the judge’s decision. Paying the bail allows a defendant to go free until their trial, but the bail amount might be too large for the defendant to pay. We can help your loved one pay the amount with a bail bond. We’ll pay the bail for you as long as you can pay 15% of the full bail amount.

Zero Interest Payment Plans

Amistad Bail Bonds understands that posting bail can threaten your finances. So we provide flexible payment plans with zero interest. If you qualify, defendants in North Carolina can also avail of 5% down bail bonds for amounts of over $10,000.

Licensed Agents Available 24 Hours a Day

Christina will get your loved one out of jail with efficient bail bond services. Contact us today and schedule a consultation.

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